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Jay-Z, Will Smith Invest In Program To Help Renters Purchase Homes

Landis Technologies, a New York-based company, announced they are raising $165 million from a group of investors that includes superstars Jay-Z and Will Smith.

Willow Smith Speaks Out About Dad Will’s Oscars Slap Incident

Willow Smith says she was not fazed by the media firestorm that broke out after her father, Will Smith, slapped Chris Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards, because she sees her "whole family as being human."

Zanah Thirus Says, ‘Make Your Movie’

“I also created this podcast and platform simply because there are other ways of being a successful filmmaker besides writing a 3 million dollar feature and begging investors to fund it,” said independent filmmaker Zanah Thirus. “You can have a full-time job and be an independent filmmaker. You can make a successful internationally awarded and distributed film for $5,000. I’ve done both. And I didn’t want to gatekeep how I did it…so that’s why I created the podcast.”

FILM REVIEW: ‘Nope’ Is A Yes! — Peele Delivers With Follow-Up

Jordan Peele delivers with Nope, a film set on the margins of Hollywood, focusing on the family of the Black jockey captured in the early films of trailblazing photographer and filmmaker Eadweard Muybridge. By incorporating Muybridge’s short film, “The Horse in Motion,” Peele elevates the importance of Black jockeys in the many aspects of American culture and the significance of the Black presence and influence at the beginning of Hollywood.

Prince’s Estate Is Finally Settled After A 6-Year Battle

Prince's estate is finally settled after a six-year court battle. The late singer did not leave a will regarding his $156 million estate.

Monica Lewinsky Wants Beyoncé To Remove Lyric About Her From ‘Partition’

Lewinsky, the former White House intern who became embroiled in a sex scandal with then President Bill Clinton in the 1990s has made a request for Beyonce to remove another lyric from a 2013 song.

The Legendary “Funk Band” Con Funk Shun Talk Origins, Music, Success and Legacy

Whether you are a historical or a contemporary music aficionado, when the term funk or funky is associated with a song you can believe that the song is one that will leave a legacy. It is a song that can be played at any event and force everyone, both young and old, to make their way to the dance floor.

New Orleans Rapper Mystikal Has Been Arrested On Rape And Domestic Abuse Charges

New Orleans rapper Mystikal was arrested over the weekend on several charges including first-degree rape and simple robbery

Beyoncé To Remove Ableist Slur From ‘Heated’ After Backlash From Disability Campaigners

Beyoncé says she will remove an ableist slur from her new album, "Renaissance," after facing online backlash and criticism from disability campaigners.

Lil Durk Is Taking A Break After A Lollapalooza Pyrotechnics Explosion

Lil Durk is sporting a bandage over his eye and taking some time out after a pyrotechnic device went off in front of him during Lollapalooza.

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