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Monday, October 18, 2021

The Mahogany Project Takes On Homelessness

web sml humanity-cd-coverHomelessness has always been a major issue in our inner city communities.  The Mahogany Project — A collaboration of African American female artist from various disciplines including spoken word, playwriting, vocal performance, and theatre administration dedicated to creating opportunities for local Seattle Theatre artists — has created an entire album dedicated to giving members of our community faced with this circumstance a voice.

According to Sharon Nyree Williams, one of the founders of The Mahogany Project, there have been countless programs created to help the people it affects, but never have you heard the voices of humanity quite like this.

Williams combined the art of poetry and storytelling and created Humanity. With such intellect and artistry the project brings awareness to this epidemic, and delivers a very clear message, but all the while making you enjoy every word and inflection of her voice.  In every piece you can hear the sincerity, see with clarity and feel the honesty in her words.  Never again will homelessness be seen the same after Humanity is heard, and really felt.

To celebrate the completion of the project, Williams will perform a few original pieces featured on the album at 5:00 p.m. this Sun., Mar. 23 at Gallery 2312 located at 2312 2nd Ave. in Seattle. In addition, The Mahogany Project has also partnered with the Sanctuary Art Center, and a portion of the proceeds from the album sales will go to the organization which provides art education to homeless youth in the Seattle area.

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