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5 Star Reigns Supreme In 6U Division

5 Star Reigns Supreme In 6U Division

By Airik Myers, The Seattle Medium

What a game this was to start off Championship day. These two teams battled hard to get here, and that energy was kept up in the fight to win it all. The CD Panthers took on the 5 Star Cougars in the 6U championship, and this was a good one.

In the first quarter, we got a sign of what was to come, as Johnathan Sisk II of the Cougars did what he does and roared for a 40-yard touchdown run to open the game. The Panthers fed off that energy, and we’re eager to respond. And John Collins IV did just that. He burst through his offensive line and quickly tied the game with a 40-yard touchdown in response to Sisk’s!

Another first half touchdown by Sisk put the Cougars back ahead. It was looking like the Cougars had too much firepower. Sisk and Tripp Thomas both blew through the line for rushing touchdowns, and 5 Star took a 28 to 7 lead. Going into the 4th quarter, the Cougars were just one quarter away from being champions.

Both John Collins IV and Anthony Langston tried their best to help the Panthers get back into the game with a touchdown a piece. But 5 Star was just too much. The bend and don’t break defense of 4 Star did their job and held CD to within a touchdown and secured their place as 6U Champions!

“From the beginning of the season ‘til the end, we only went up,” said 5 Star Coach Marcel. “They fought all season and kept their heads up and brought the trophy back to 5 Star.”

Final Score: 5 Star Cougars 28, CD Panthers 21

Pictorial Highlights from CD Panthers vs 5 Star Cougars 6U Championship Game

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