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Help Your Kids Show Their Appreciation This Grandparent’s Day

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Grandparent’s Day is right around the corner, and while it doesn’t get as much attention as Mother’s and Father’s Day, it does highlight some of the most influential people in your kids’ lives: their grandparents. Whether you live in the same town or are separated by hundreds of miles, help your kids make this day special for their grandparents by creating new memories and keepsakes. Here are five creative ways for your kids to celebrate Grandparent’s Day this year.

Start a Call with a Song

If you have grandparents who live far away, make sure the kids plan a special Zoom or audio call on Grandparent’s Day to show their love and affection. A great (and surprising!) way to start the call is with a song. You can get creative and pair lyrics to traditional nursery rhyme tunes – here are some Grandparent’s Day poems to inspire your songwriting. Alternatively, you can learn the National Grandparent’s Day anthem and sing that together!

Share a Handprint Gift

If your kids love crafts, then capitalize on their excitement by helping them make handprint gifts for their grandparents. Making the same craft year after year can also be a unique way to show how grandchildren grow over time. If you’d like to incorporate a special message with the handprints, choose one of these templates or this phrase for your project. If grandparents live locally, you could also consider letting your kids put handprints on a special portion of their fence or backyard wall as a fun Grandparent’s Day surprise to reveal.

Hold a Trivia/Game Night

Kids love to play games, and it’s a good bet their grandparents do, too! Use Grandparent’s Day as an excuse to get everyone together for a fun family game night (and host it on Zoom if you live long-distance!). Have your kids help decorate the house and give everyone their own goodie bags or snack tray, then choose some new games as well as old favorites to have ready. A family talent show can be an easy way to start the night, and your kids might just learn that Grandma and Grandpa have hidden skills! You can work with your kids ahead of time to make a personalized scavenger hunt or Bingo sheet to play with grandparents as well, making sure to highlight memories and shared interests that are meaningful to their relationship.

Start a Journaling Tradition

Grandparent’s Day is the perfect time to start a new tradition that your kids can continue with their grandparents throughout the year. Give a shared journal as a gift on Grandparent’s Day, then set aside time each week or month for your kids to have journaling dates with their grandparents! Choose a shared journal that offers prompts and space for comparing lives and writing memories. This promise of quality time in the future is a great way to show you care. Your kids will look forward to this special bonding time, and you can encourage them to make the whole day into a ritual – special snacks, music, costumes, and more!

Have a Home Improvement Day

While Grandparent’s Day could be filled with games and parties, it can also be a chance for your kids to give back to some of their most cherished people – grandparents! If your grandparents live locally, consider making Grandparent’s Day into a home improvement party – have the grandparents keep a running list of little (and big) things around the house and yard that need tending, then get your supplies ready and head over as a family! Even the youngest kids can be useful around the house; use this list to get ideas for the projects that kids can help complete at any age. By the end of the day, the grandparents will have a spruced-up home, and the kids will have learned some valuable fix-it skills – all while spending time together!

Help your kids show their grandparents just how much they care with these ideas – try them all and start a great new annual family tradition!

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