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7 Crafts For Homemade Holiday Gifts

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As the holidays approach, your list of gift recipients is probably growing longer by the day. Getting kids involved in making personalized gifts is a wonderful way to make the holidays meaningful for everyone involved.

We’ve rounded up seven of the best crafts that would make great gifts for everyone on your list this year. There’s something for every crafter and recipient, so grab some glue and get to work!

Lacey Candle Holders

Holiday gifts that provide warmth and coziness are always well-received, so have your kids dress up some dollar store votive holders for a beautiful gift this year. All you need are clear glass holders (with smooth sides), tissue paper, food coloring, and some doilies. Kids will have fun choosing the color bath for their doilies, and most can independently cut the tissue paper, spread the glue, and apply the lacey pattern. Help kids finish off the edges nicely, dry, then give with a small candle inside.

Stress Balls

This craft is a great gift for teachers, parents, and friends! Kids can easily make several of these at a time, and they’re equal parts fun and practical. You’ll need round balloons for the project, so make sure you don’t buy the more popular oval kind. This project can get a little messy if the cornstarch filling blows everywhere, so set up the workstation in the kitchen or outside. Even the littlest kids can decorate the balloons once they’re filled with the cornstarch, and everyone in the family will love having something to relieve holiday stress!

String Art

A fun way to create artwork that everyone will want to display, string art is easy and versatile! Older kids can complete the entire project themselves, while younger kids can do most of the stringing after you nail in the shapes. For holiday gifts, shapes like trees, snowflakes, deer, stars, and more would make wonderful seasonal crafts. You can also think about the individual interests of your recipients to choose shapes, too (think hobbies like fishing, love of dogs, etc.). Make sure to provide lots of string options—some kids might want to make rainbow designs!

Sharpie Dot Flower Pots

These flower pots are an easy way to give personalized gifts to everyone on your list. You can use white ceramic pots or more common terracotta (although you’ll need darker markers for the terracotta). Thick letter stickers or basic shapes make the best outlines for kids to dot around, and make sure to choose oil-based Sharpies so they’ll last through household use. Think about decorating other items (like plates or coasters) with this technique for a whole set of gifts!

Painted Leaf Tote Bag

Transform a simple cotton tote bag into a beautiful gift for teachers and friends this year. Kids will love to get messy with the paint, and the recipient will love the natural look and homemade touch. The best part of this activity is that kids have to go outside and collect leaves—you can use various shapes and sizes or stick to one kind, and evergreen branches make lovely prints, too! Back inside, set up a workstation that can get a bit messy, and let the kids paint away. After pressing the paint onto the tote, let it dry completely. Then, iron it later for a final seal. You could also add some writing for an even more personalized touch!

Yarn Ball Bookmark

Everyone can use some extra bookmarks, and this craft is easy enough that kids can make them independently. All you need is yarn and scissors (so supervise the littlest ones)! Choosing your recipient’s favorite color is a great way to personalize these bookmarks, or you can buy yarn that has ombre or rainbow variegation. Kids will have the most fun with the first step—wrapping yarn around their fingers almost 100 times—then the final “haircut” at the end is a great way to make a parent-approved mess!

Felt Embroidered Coffee Cup Cozies

While most people on your list don’t need more mugs, they probably need some cozies! These cute felt coffee cup cozies are easy for kids to personalize and make independently, plus they reinforce basic sewing and crafting skills for the slightly older crowd. Personalize them by choosing favorite colors and embroidering meaningful designs and shapes.

These crafts all make great gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season, so break out the supplies and have your kids get to work!

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