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Monday, October 18, 2021
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What Do You Think Are Viable Solutions To Help Curb Gun Violence In Our Community?

What Do You Think Are Viable Solutions To Help Curb Gun Violence In Our Community?

Obadiah Freeman

The most important thing is reaching children before they have to use guns as violence. What’s bringing them into these situations where they want to be violent? And then what are they doing instead, things that can make them grow and develop into people that are in community with each other. One of the things that we do is bring kids together through filmmaking, a collaborative art form. In doing that you get to see people for who they are and not necessarily an aggressor. There’s an opportunity to keep building community through that.

Caitlyn Martin

As a youth, our parents kept us in programs, like Coyote, or Black Achievers, or YMCA. But nowadays a lot of programs don’t exist or got cut, and with the combination of people being stuck inside. I don’t know, there’s a lot fewer outlets for people to be creative than there used to be.


Treat gun ownership or the misuse of guns like they did crack. Very very stiff sentencing and fines. And just make it even more difficult to acquire them.

Ellen Rush

There have been 218 in 2021 so far & we have seen 336 mass shootings. Before this year surpassed it 2020 was said to have been the deadliest shooting year on record & again 2021 has now surpassed that. This tells me we are moving, but very much in the wrong direction. America has long enjoyed the pride & esteem of being revered as the greatest nation in the world, a superpower. I would argue that no matter what we grow or import or export, it is the American people, every life that is our greatest & most valuable domestic product so we need to make protecting life a priority & move swiftly to end the gun misuse. Our superpower lies in protecting our best assets, human life. Only when we do that can we truly call America a great nation!


Stay home? Because if you’re out trouble is gonna find you even if you’re not looking for trouble. Covid is actually a huge thing causing it because people want to be outside, they’ve been locked up inside. But unfortunately, some other people like shooting their guns.