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Monday, October 18, 2021
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Do You Think Race Plays A Role With Discipline In The Education System?

Do You Think Race Plays A Role With Discipline In The Education System?

Loni Davidson

As a mother of young black men, I feel that there is definitely discipline racism. Teachers are supposed to be there to help teach and guide our children no matter what their race is. I’ve come across teachers whom just plain did not take the time to work with or get to my child’s side of things and they became the one who was always getting in trouble. I’ve also experienced great support from some teachers who only want the best for my boys.


As an educator, I would say no. Historically, race has played a huge role in discipline. Teachers often have implicit biases of students based on race, gender, etc. This has caused black and brown students to be removed from class and even school at higher rates which perpetuates educational inequities and the adultification of BIPOC students. I think equity starts in education and one way is through discipline. Expectations and consequences should be logical, predictable, equal, and healing-centered. Disciplining students by race in the classroom will continue into inequitable consequences by race in the justice system. 

Christine Young

It surely does. I myself have experienced blatant racism towards African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and Asians. I have seen favoritism and I have seen teachers make noticeable differences between children that are accused of doing the same things. I have seen a black child get suspended for a week or put in in-house suspension with no release date compared to a Caucasian child that either gets sent home for the day and picked up by parents. I have even witnessed the blatant racism towards myself from other staff members at the high school I worked at. Racism is still alive and it’s sad. Just imagine your child being a straight ‘A’ student and a racist teacher keeps giving them bad grades just because they are talented… These teachers need to be held accountable for how they speak to these children and how they treat them.

LeVera Brown

Race does play a role with discipline in the education system because over the years I’ve seen many white students say racist things in class or make racist jokes in front of teachers and not face any discipline for their actions. The teachers turn a blind eye. While if a Student of color disagrees with what a teacher is saying or calls the teacher out on unacceptable behavior, security is immediately called and they are instantly removed from class. 

Jaeden Thomas

Yes, I do think that race plays a role in the discipline in the education system. Children of color especially young black boys are seen as threats to society and can never have a bad day or be going through something without being told they have “anger problems  “ or “behavioral issues.“ and instead of the school working through it with them the children suspended or Isolated from others during instructional time which causes them to fall behind in school. 

Martha Gyau

Hell yeah, because the teachers be acting so different towards POC and like call them rowdy but won’t say a word to a white kid. Also like I feel like punishments for POC be a little more strict than the average white kid too, like they’d talk to a white kid and talk about their actions while POC get suspended and I witnessed this for my own eyes. It’s sad too because in the situation the white kid was morally wrong.