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Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Should The Vaccine Be Mandated For Public Service Providers (Teachers, Healthcare Workers, Etc.)?

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Young adults in Seattle talk about whether or not they think the vaccine be mandated for public service providers, like teachers, healthcare workers, etc.

Matthew Kirby

I think that employers should have the responsibility of keeping their employee populations safe. Mandating vaccinations for employees is something that should be considered to achieve this outcome. I am supportive of employers requiring vaccinations for their employee populations.  I also believe that employees should have the flexibility to choose if they would like to be vaccinated or not, while accepting potential consequences of both outcomes. Employees oftentimes do not realize that the conditions of employment can change anytime for any reason. As a result, employees may be put on leave, terminated from their role or be ineligible to receive unemployment benefits.


I believe the vaccine should be mandated for public service providers, like teachers, healthcare workers, etc. for the safety of those whom they work around. It would be beneficial for the overall health of our society during this pandemic.


In an extreme world, they probably would. In this world, half of the people want safety the other half doesn’t believe in it so either way we’ll have same issue. The issue would mandate or no mandate, the issue of belief is almost split down the middle. 


I think everybody who is a public servant or in public service should get vaccinated. Exceptions maybe for religious reasons, or if people have health issues, but otherwise, I’m all about everybody getting vaccinated.

Aleta McDaniels

The public won’t allow it. With conspiracy theories, misinformation, distrust, the people won’t let it happen.