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Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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How Has Your Social Life Been Impacted By The Pandemic?

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Young adults in Seattle talk about how their social life been impacted by the pandemic.


The pandemic has impacted my social life in very negative ways. I have always struggled with social interaction, but with the isolation of quarantine, it made me feel like I have very little to contribute to conversations, and feel as if what I would have to say is very uninteresting. It has also caused me to partake in things that I found myself uncomfortable with in my past, just to be around people. Overall, my social life is going need to some improvement due the pandemic.


The pandemic has definitely made me see a lot less people in the last year and a half. It requires a lot of preparation (social distancing/isolating for 2 weeks) and personal responsibility in order to see people safely. Also the trust factor if the other party is doing the same or not. We found ways around it like zoom hangouts, online games, or hanging out outside.


It is perspective. I would image those that like to socialize before the pandemic suffered some during the pandemic. Those introverts probably embraced it. I just adapted and found other ways to engage with me family and friends until the coast was clear.


The pandemic changed everything so I don’t see our social lives being excluded.
From the loss of activity like concerts and clubs, to mask wearing obscuring identity to quarantine and not being able to see anyone unless you are part of a family household or have a significant other. Our lives changed from since before the beginning of COVID and the introduction of the vaccine.