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Do You Think People Should Have To Be Vaccinated Before Attending Large Events?

Do You Think People Should Have To Be Vaccinated Before Attending Large Events?

Martha Gyau

Ok so I’m so against people pressuring others to get the vaccine. I find it quite disturbing that people are asking if you got the vaccine or not. The media is forcing a propaganda that if you don’t get the vaccine you are causing the death rate to go up when that’s not the case or true. The people are scared and terrified for their life’s that the vaccine will complex their health or bring them medical ptsd like I was watching lovelyti and she said she almost died from blood clots and when she heard that the Johnson Johnson caused people to get blood clots she didn’t want to take it because she wanted to wait until she knows it’s completely knows it’s true. The media is making it worse than how it perseveres to be. If your vaccinated you shouldn’t be scared if the other person is vaccinated because your are protected so that automatically makes you a little safer than others. So let people have a choice and stop forcing it upon people to get it.

(Credit: NAACP Youth Council Facebook)

Annie Tran

In my opinion, it is vital for people to get vaccinated before attending any event, especially ones that will be on a larger scale. Science has already proven that vaccinations protect us from contracting illnesses as well as prevents the spread of diseases. Along with that, science has proven that the COVID-19 Vaccine works and is effective against the virus. Moreover, those who are planning on attending large events, especially during the pandemic are putting themselves at risk as well as those around them. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and many other things, people should get vaccinated. Not only will this protect themselves, but it will protect those around them as well. While the vaccine does not guarantee that an individual will not contract COVID-19, it does lessen the impact the virus has on their lives, especially when it comes to hospitalization and the long-term effects of the virus. That being said, getting the vaccine is an effective way to protect yourselves and others from getting sick, so those who are planning on attending large events should take that extra step to prevent the spread.