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Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Have You, Or Do You, Plan On Making Any Career Of Lifestyle Changes Due To Covid?

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Adults in Seattle talk about if they plan on making any career of lifestyle changes due to Covid-19.

Johnny Greene Jr.

My response is that I’ve already changed my life due to Covid. I respect people’s space and their opinions whether it be for or against the vaccine. I truly think it’s a choice and it’s up to everyone of us to protect ourselves and others by masking while in public and staying your distance and maybe we should offer more studies for the public from both sides.

Vee Rae

I have changed my lifestyle, because I have to wear a mask everywhere I go. Too keep my job, you had to get vaccinated, even though I only go in one day a week. I finally was able to travel, but only to see friends, or other people vaccinated.

Cocoa Brown

Yes! I learned how to say ‘NO’ with a period!

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