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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Do You Feel Like Haitian Immigrants Are Being Treated Fairly?

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Adults in Seattle talk about if they feel like Haitian immigrants are being treated fairly.


No I don’t at all. It’s clear there’s an issue with race here. If this were caucasian immigrants, we understand it would be handled differently. How can we work to globally spread democracy and treat Haitians this way, all in the same breath? This country’s tactics are unfortunately guided with a lens of white supremacy and anti-Blackness. It’s something Black Americans have had to deal with for generations. Together we can eradicate these ideals. It takes the work of us all to bring a loving nature to the way we do business. Working together to educate, engage, and inspire others is a great way to start eliminating the hate that shows up in ways like this.


No they’re not. I feel that they have been abused, just like the poor of the United States have been. At the end of the day, [the immigrants are] just trying. They are letting people in from the Middle East but they don’t want the Black people to come in. Its like slavery hasn’t been abolished and its still here.

Sharelle Claiborne

No I don’t think they are being treated fairly. Not at all. In fact my husband is Haitian and this is greatly effecting us and especially him. It’s terrible.

Leroy Goodwin

No they are not. And they never have been. We are just seeing it more now because of how news is presented and social media and stuff.


Haiti has a long history of turmoil and instability yet also a great past history of liberations. Due to natural disasters, political instability the Haitian people are caught in the middle trying to better their lives. American immigration policy has been under Biden humane and descent unlike the last president. But America is not migrant friendly so it has been tough on migrants all the way around.


Are the Haitian people being treated fairly? Are any black people treated fairly? No there not. But the Haitian people are strong and resilient and they will overcome their problems. And under Biden there is a little it of compassion behind the denial.


What has happened to the Haitian refugees in the past and presently is an absolute travesty! They are certainly NOT being treated fairly! Black Independence comes with this kind of price. and racial division that is openly practiced from DR doesn’t help ! Which by the way is treated much better by the U.S.! We watched Afghan refugees flown to America and placed within days. Other refugees placed in holding centers, Haitians turned around immediately!


America treats most others unfairly. Haitians are no difference if not worse. The darker you are the worst your treated. Just my observation. Biden is better than trump as to address immigration at least they’re not putting them in cages.