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Monday, January 24, 2022
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Are The Seahawks At The End Of An Era?

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Adults in Seattle talk about if they feel like the Seahawks are at the end of an era.


I think they’re rebuilding. They’re getting older, but their bringing new people in. These things take time, so I don’t know if it’s the end, but it’s definitely a road bump.

Deltrick Johnson

Well Russ getting his finger messed up was big. I don’t think they’re at the end of an era though. There’s still a lot of motivation their. The second string gonna come in and do their job, and hold it down. But when Russ gets back they’ll be good.


I think this is accurate. It feels like the injuries are being suffered by those “staple” players and they are becoming more frequent. Age is catching up and the new blood isn’t closing the gap.


Oh absolutely. I agree 100%. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t fret that it’s the end if anything. Just a reality that this is a tough sport and they are an incredible organization. I’m sure they will power through this valley and continue to do well in the future.


I think the Seahawks are done and the team needs to be blown up. Trade Russell and DK and get draft choices and money, and start to rebuild with younger players and begin to grow.


No the Seahawks are not at the end of an era. They are suffering from mount nourished first round second round draft picks! The offense line looks better. We need time to gel with our new office of coordinator. We absolutely need help on new defensive schemes! I don’t know if that means getting rid of Norton or creating new and different schemes that people are not used to. Be more like Belichick change at the half if need be.