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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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What Is The Biggest Problem In The Black Community Right Now?

Do You Think Gun Violence Has Been Normalized In The Black Community?
Adults in Seattle talk about what they think the biggest problem in the black community is.


Not knowing how to survive the next stock market crash.


Degeneration. Gentrification is forcing people out of the community and out of their neighborhood. It’s making it too expensive to live their.


From all aspects of life the black community experience racism. Whether it’s getting a loan or getting arrested. And anything in between that.


Ego, mixed with the common position of society, drives us to compete, criticize and judge each other, as if the only way to find our own success is on the back of or through anothers failures. No need to covet. No need to fear. We need to live every minute from a position of Abundance. The world, our universe, has enough for us all. Gratitude is the beginning. Compassion is the journey. The next time a person upsets you, say a prayer for them. The next injustice you see, say a prayer for the injured, but also for the injurer. Change our pattern. Regardless of our situation, we are all connected by the stream.


The biggest problem in the black community right now I would say is access to information. We don’t have the connections, resources, or outlets to use to become truly independent and confident individuals because of this. We are always looking for things harder than other ethnicities because we were often told that we could only pursue a certain amount of career choices. When we want to deviate from those stereotypes, we don’t know where to start or where to go to pursue a new path. If we, as a people, had this, we could help others become what they dream, instead of what other groups think we can become.

Jan Marie

One major problem is the lack of support for our businesses. Which in turn creates generational wealth and everyone does well in the end. For example, we will go to non-black owned business and pay whatever the cost however within our community we expect to receive a discount or a hook up. Another issue is mental health. The black community refuses to accept or acknowledge that this is an issue in our community and has been a long time. We have label people as crazy or special , retarded etc. or just ignore all together. Also the fact that it can affect anyone no is immune.