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Should All Students Be Required To Be Vaccinated For COVID-19 In Order To Attend School?

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Adults in Seattle talk about if all students should be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 in order to attend school.


Yes, I feel like all students should be vaccinated, as it can stop people from being sick. All kids, and staff, should be vaccinated.

Manuela Slye

Unfortunately COVID 19 is here to stay until we band together to eradicate it.
I do support a COVID 19 vaccine mandate for students. It is imperative we take every single measure to mitigate the spread of this disease that disproportionately affects our communities of color. Often, the Latinx Community is confused with misinformation that results in distrust. I am grateful for the work led by King County Public Health and Seattle Public Schools board of directors to provide space for our community to learn about the potential mandate as well as the risks of COVID 19.


Yes, I think they should.


NO! Kids have a high immune system as it is. They are injecting them/everyone with a live virus , what is that since when do we inject people with live viruses. People say that what we’ve been taking these sorts of shots for years since we were kids. True that, but those shots have been around for years before we even took them as children. So they have been proven. This covid-19 shot is an experimental test. I hate the fact that they are hiding the truth because they don’t want the public to panic and they want people to continue to get the shot. But the truth is if you do your research, there are just as many people in the hospital that have gotten a shot and people who are dying from the shot, and are having real bad side effects from the shot . But they’re not going to tell you that because, they don’t want the public to panic and get scared and stop taking the shot. Now they’re putting it on the kids. But I say to each own. They have to make a choice, just like everyone else.


Absolutely not. It’s an emergency use vaccine that does not prevent spread and overwhelming majority of kids are at such a low risk of Covid, it discounts the impact of natural immunity for kids that had Covid.


I believe that to take or not to take the vaccinations is a choice. So If the school would like to mandate the vaccination then they should provide a solution for those that are not vaccinated.