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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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How Important Is It For Us To Teach Our Children Financial Literacy?

Podcast: The “Sounds Of Black Folk” Event
Adults in Seattle talk about how important is it for us to teach our children financial literacy.


Very important. It is important to understand how to effective use and honor money. To learn to be good stewards over what they are given/receive and make wise decisions on how to use the money to positively benefit them.


Teaching African American kids’ financial literacy from a young age comes with a variety of benefits, including: Your children will understand the value of money. By being taught about financial risks, children will be better able to avoid financial debt and bankruptcy in the future. When they learn to manage their finances early, often they become adults who are better equipped to live independently.  


Very important that our people learn how to achieve, keep and teach financial stability. Then they can pass down that knowledge from generation to generation, so our families can continue to gain financial freedom and sustain generational wealth.


Financial literacy is critical in our current society, I think it’s never to early to start training kids on financial literacy. I’ve had many discussions with my parents about why I wasn’t taught this at a younger age and now as an adult I’m learning from scratch. But it’s not just credit how to save money, how to invest it, and plan for the future. And for children like me who came from an economically challenged upbringing it can set children back as they grow up.


Very. They need to learn early how to save, how not to bounce a check, and how to manage credit cards.