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What Do You Most Look Forward To On Thanksgiving?

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Adults in Seattle talk about what they most look forward to on Thanksgiving.


I look forward to spending quality time with loved ones and giving back to others.


This will be the first time in over 2 years our family will be together. I want to hug and squeeze everyone!


I think the thing I look forward to the most, when it comes to thanksgiving, is it seems like an escape from the insanity that is normal life, and along with other holidays like Christmas, it just feels like everyone takes it easy for a day. Spending time with family, settling in for a huge meal, and the essence of the holidays really comes through. It just seems like the world takes a chill pill for a day and gets to be lazy.

Miss Young

Family time, great food, laughs, conversations, peace, and love.


I think what I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is the moments of bliss shared by the entire family just after everyone has finished their food. The atmosphere that is created when everyone is full and ready to just relax the rest of the day. Everyone has a content feel to them and some of my greatest family memories are during these moments.

Jennifer McGregor

My favorite thing would be we don’t clean up right away!