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Has Inflation Impacted Your Approach To The Holiday Season?

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Adults in Seattle talk about if inflation impacted their approach to the holiday season.


Inflation has put a damper on my holiday plans! With the price increases, as well as items not being in stock, I could barely manage to get gifts for my grandchildren! Thanksgiving was a mess, and I hope this all gets cleared up real soon.


The inflation and rising costs really hurt this year. We now have to be extra mindful of how we spend and where we spend. We had to order things two months in advance, just to be sure they would get here in time. Overall its really frustrating, but what can you do?


I’m just glad we planned ahead. My kids are really young, so all they know about the holidays are toys and gifts. It would have sucked to tell them they couldn’t get anything this year because the prices are too high. But they are gonna get a few toys.


Spurred on by Covid these price increases are necessary to stabilize the market and the community and then it will go down. We have to address the supply chain and employment issues so businesses don’t have to raise prices but my holiday season will be just fine.


With all that’s going on it’s hard on everyone financially. As a student I always have to watch how I spend my money. But at the same time money is made to spend and you can’t take it with you so no it won’t affect my holiday shopping.


I’m frugal by nature so whether prices go up or down I try to stay money conscious regardless.