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Sunday, August 14, 2022
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What Profession Do You Have More Appreciation For Due To The Pandemic?

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Adults in Seattle talk about what profession they have more appreciation for due to the pandemic.


I would have to say those who work retail or grocery stores etc. Not only are they putting their health on the line but dealing with horrible attitudes.


For sure the nurses. The ones that stayed and fought. Also anyone who lost their jobs at no fault of their own, restaurant workers, retail workers, etc.


Food workers! Without them, life would have been unbearable these last years. They are truly unappreciated.


Those in the health care field are the most taken advantage of in my opinion. Health care workers have always been the least appreciated workers that I have seen. This pandemic has just increased it tenfold.


I think that those in the cleaning industry are some of the most overworked people. They are by far the profession that I have a far increased respect and appreciation for since the beginning of the pandemic.