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Is Dr. King’s Legacy Still Relevant Today?

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Adults in Seattle talk about if Dr. King's legacy still relevant today.


His legacy is still relevant, as we continue to see an uprise in Police Brutality against people of color, we also see a shift in cultures coming together to stand in righteousness for the equal justice. We are coming closer in standing together for equal rights for all. This old saying is still relevant today. “United we Stand, Divided we fall.” We have come together to have some peaceful protests and then you have the ones that really get out of hand, it shows how upset the citizen are to an unfair justice system. When we all have the same dream to be united treated equally. Until that happens it’s still going to be a dream.


Dr. King’s legacy will ALWAYS be relevant. We can see the impact of his work today as we are still struggling with similar issues as the civil rights era. But the progress and impact he made can be felt forever.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and his fight for equality, and his message is still relevant today. He believed in an America that could really live up to its own principals, and that’s what made MLK so bold and the radical person that he was; challenging America to walk the talk. Now, nearly 60 years after his assassination, Dr. King’s dream in equality for all is still relevant. And maybe that’s unfortunate that we’re still struggling with some of those issues today. We can’t wait for the ideal time to come together and push for a better America, the time is now.

Craig L. Jackson

Yes, I believe Dr. King’s legacy is still relevant. The reason why I believe this is because it is the foundation for us a black people to build ourselves up in this country. We just need to start building. The last 2+ years have shown us that we as black people are not loved or valued by America. We are the most copied, most watched, and the most underappreciated people we in America, just like during Dr. King’s time. We must make a commitment now to those things Dr. King taught then. We MUST teach our children, who are the leaders of the future, who they really are. We MUST stake claim in our contributions in the building of this country. But we MUST also take the initiative to better ourselves, stop waiting on others to do what we can do for ourselves. We need to own our own businesses and employ our own people, start our own schools and teach our own children, repair our communities and our financial wealth. We must start to love ourselves and stop doing the work of those who don’t love us. Doing these things would make a stronger more unified Black People.


I think that his legacy is extremely valuable and important. His messages continue to be relevant today, and we can learn a lot from how he handled the hate he received. The way he persevered through the adversity alone is inspiring.


In my opinion, Dr. King was an extremely important figure and remains a staple of the community. He should be remembered with the other legendary figures in the Black community, as they are a blueprint of how to navigate the racially harsh environment of the United States.