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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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With Covid Cases On The Rise, Should Schools Return To Virtual Learning?

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Adults in Seattle talk about if, with Covid cases on the rise, should schools return to virtual learning.


I understand some people’s reluctance. I am aware of the changing times and environment. But regardless a child should never go without the opportunity to become educated, no one should be denied an opportunity to become educated. So, whatever form the education comes in, whether in class, virtual, we must take advantage, we have to adapt because our children deserve their time to become educated.


Does it matter any more? Virtual, in person instruction? We go as the virus goes. We can start the school with certain intentions but those intentions can change based on how our schools are affected by the virus. Families, school districts just have to prepared on it seems a day to day basis. The virus seems to forcing people to life day by day. But what’s most important is staying healthy and safe and if virtual learning can assist in that then by all means.


I think that schools should have remained virtual this whole time. But with parents having to work from home and the lack of social interaction, I understand the need for in person learning. Maybe they should try more hybrid variations?


Yes, they should. It’s as simple as that. The negatives of having them in person far outweigh the positives at this point, as we have no idea what this rise and these new variants are capable of.


I would love to have in person class, as I am a college student. But I also live with my high-risk parents, so I feel much safer just having class virtually. I think the sacrifice of not really being able to be social, versus putting my family at a higher risk is definitely worth it.

Clarence Parks

As it is said, we should “let cooler heads prevail.” However, that is easier said than done especially since the issue is hot on every side. For instance, student safety should be paramount when considering whether they should return to a virtual learning environment. This is especially the case in jurisdictions with elevated COVID-19 and variants. Students are getting sick and they are therefore, getting teachers, administrators and other school staff sick. Also, in many school districts, there are not enough substitute teachers to cover the classrooms of absent teachers. Some of the remaining full-time teachers complain that their classrooms are overflowing, social distancing is impossible and as a result, COVID is quickly spreading. On the other hand, some parents cannot stay home to supervise children who are virtually learning because they have to work. On another level, this is a hot political issue which unfortunately drives decision makers to make decisions that are not necessarily in the best interest of students or parents. Therefore, there is no one right answer. However, the best imperfect answer is, students should go back to virtual learning if their lives are in danger and in some school districts, they are.