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Saturday, June 25, 2022
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How Important Is It For Society To Be Exposed To Black History?

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Adults in Seattle talk about how important it is for society to be exposed to Black history.


It’s extremely important for Black history to be taught in our schools and to be celebrated in society. We deserve respect and one of the best ways for society to show us respect is by learning about our history.

Ms. Campbell

Every culture’s history should have its role in the history of humanity, including Black history. Society would benefit greatly knowing the contributions Black people have given the world.


As long as it is an objective and factual account, it is incumbent upon us that no one else to tell our story and share the richness of our history. Everyone’s history is affected by ours.


Black history needs to be displayed all over society. It is important not only for the children, for others that are not a part of the community to understand what has happened in Black history.


Our history is the beginning. There wouldn’t be history if it were not for origin stories and all history has its roots in our story.


The history of Black people needs to be explained and explored. Society should be exposed to Black history more due to the benefits it would present to Black people.