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How Do You Feel About The Seahawks Off-Season So Far?

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Adults in Seattle talk about how they feel about the Seahawks off-season so far.

N. Allen

It is what it is. Wilson has run his course with this team. It was a fantastic run, got a super bowl, but like all things, things change. And now the Seahawks are about to change. We need to embrace change.


It hurts to see Russell Wilson go. I always hoped that he would retire as a Seahawk, and he still might, but it hurts to see him go. I hope that we can replace him, but I know that is going to be very difficult.

Miss Graham

I’m going to miss Russell Wilson he achieved a lot in his tenure as quarterback. At least we got a Super Bowl win and a second appearance. Thanks for the memories. But it looks like it’s rebuilding time. Let’s hope after the dust settles, we’ll be back on top.


This off-season has been one of the hardest in recent memory. The entire NFL was shocked with Russell leaving, but we have to move on. He didn’t want to be here anymore, so let’s find a quarterback that wants to.


It’s rebuilding time. Sit back relax and let’s see what unfolds. Seahawks gotta a lot of shuffling to do. The way the league is set up now, even in rebuilding there can still be success. Look at the Wilson example.


I guess its time for a rebuild. You can’t be successful forever. But the way that it ended definitely hurt. Bobby being treated the way he was in his release is really sad. I hope the team can do better.