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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Should The U.S. Provide Military Aid To Ukraine?

Should The U.S. Provide Military Aid To Ukraine?

I don’t feel like it is safe to be disclosing or sharing our secrets as far as our weapons are concerned. The fact of the matter that we have a nuclear plant in Washington means we will be one of the first ones to subject to get ambushed if there is a reason for retaliation. So safe to say I don’t think it is safe to give any type of military aid.


Ukraine, I know a lot of people from Ukraine just from the neighborhood, here’s where I am at, I don’t have a problem giving assistance to Ukraine in terms of keeping Europe in tacked, keeping things from escalating. But lets gives some assistance to Haiti, lets give some assistance to Mozambique, Gambia and all of those countries too. So lets just keep it real, let just spread the wealth equally.

Alvin Harris

I think they did enough! No US military men and women support should be supplied. It’s not our war, yet. But we should have sent armory like last month

Miss Belt

What I am focused on when it comes to aid for Ukraine, that same aid we could be giving it to our communities, our Black communities, we have been as a community have suffered the longest. I can only imagine the money that we are sending over to Ukraine, what it could do for us as a community and building us back up. The way we built America. My head is here in the community that I serve.