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What Is The Biggest Challenge Facing Black People Right Now?

What Is The Biggest Challenge Facing Black People Right Now?

One of the biggest challenges we as a people face is establishing economic equality, justice equality and civil equality. We must attain these justices if we are to truly build our communities in the right way. Without this endeavors being fulfilled, producing vibrant and safe and progressive communities will always be challenging.


Unity I think is a challenge that has to be addressed. Without a common unifying presence, one where we as a national culture find common ground in our efforts to bring about racial equality and justice it can be difficult to come together. Even with such diversity within our own communities we have to look past our social differences and establish unity to accomplish our goals.

Mrs. Hodges

Divide and conquer has always been the means by which America has kept the Black community at bay. Whether is our own Black on Black violence, light-skinned verses dark skinned, Black wealth verses the impoverished, the educated verses the un-educated, Black people have to look past our differences and unite in our civic duties.


Money is the biggest challenge. Access to financing, mortgages, business loans. Money changes the dynamics to everything, clean water, political power, healthy neighborhoods and education. Money gives our youth choices instead of the youth violence we see today. Financial independence I think is key to at least overcoming the challenges we see in front of us.

D. Hughes