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Light House Temple Welcomes Tiny Homes Homeless Community To The Central Area

“We are the Light House in the community and we just want to do the Christian thing,” said Pastor Wilson said. “It was truly a blessing to be a blessing to others.”

HOROSCOPES: February 27 – March 5, 2014

ARIES Finding a way to do it better than others is not going to be hard this week. Share your wisdom with other seekers. All...

HOROSCOPES: February 6-12, 2014

ARIES Be especially sensitive to your spirit and your intuition this week.  They are your sixth sense that will alarm you of a situation that...


ARIES Think hard about the nontraditional ideas that you have been percolating. Speak up. There are others that may be thinking the same thing but...

HOROSCOPES September 19 – 25, 2013

ARIES Trials and tribulations are damaging this week only if you let them be. You are a master at living above day-to-day concerns. Enjoy looking...


ARIES If you seem spaced out this week don’t worry about it. Fill your mind with a vision of love for the entire planet. Use...

Horoscopes: August 22–28, 2013

ARIES Relax the grip you have on your attitudes this week, and just go with  the flow. Ease up in full knowledge that goodness is being...

Horoscope August 8–14, 2013

ARIES Don’t let worry put a strain on your relationships. Concentration  is key, but be as light hearted as possible. Open up to  romantic feelings.  Let love...

JULY 18 – 24, 2013

ARIES Possibilities of hearing good news about home are greatly expanded.  Savor the news rather than thinking about other annoyances. Travel is on the  horizon....

July 11-17, 2013

ARIES You can expect a message from a distance to arrive this week and you’ll  be happy to hear it. The spirit is easily lifted if...

Latest News

Labor Secretary On Unemployment Numbers: We’re Still Recovering

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh speaks to CNN's Poppy Harlow about unemployment numbers across the country and what he thinks could be contributing to these numbers.

Liz Cambage Criticizes Lack Of Diversity In Australian Olympic Team’s Photos

Cambage, who helped Australia win bronze at the 2012 Olympics and also competed at the 2016 Games, criticized the images in a series of posts on Instagram using the hashtag #whitewashedaustralia .

‘A Comeback For Travel’: Summer Vacations Expected To Boom

U.S. travel experts think that the summer of 2021 could be close to travel levels before the pandemic. CNN's Pete Muntean reports.

Tiffany Haddish Offers Advice For Those Looking To Break Into Comedy

In a recent interview with CNN the comedian turned actress gave some advice for anyone looking to break into comedy.

Keith A. Perry Named The New Executive Director Of The National Dental Association

“We’re very excited to have him aboard, said NDA Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher, D.D.S.” “Keith is a talented, nationally recognized association executive with over 30 years of highly relevant leadership experience in the political, governmental, nonprofit and association sectors.”