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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Columbia Physical Therapy Celebrates 30 Years Of Service


Bruce and Wrenna Clayton owners of Columbia Physical Therapy
Bruce and Wrenna Clayton owners of Columbia Physical Therapy

Bruce and Wrenna Clayton, owners of Columbia Physical Therapy, are celebrating 30 years of service to the greater Seattle community.

Columbia Physical Therapy, a 30-plus year industry leader is physical therapy in Seattle, brings a unique, guaranteed, proven process Strategic PT Care to all clients, which helps to identify the critical changes they need to make in order to improve their performance and reduce the chance of future injuries.

The company helps work-related, auto accident related and other physical affliction clients develop a more strategic and healthful mindset, become proactive in their daily therapy practice and balance their lives.

“We are not chiropractors and we are not personal trainers,” said Bruce Clayton during a recent session. “We provide ongoing rehabilitation and accountability for our clients.”

According to Clayton, Columbia Physical Therapy coaches clients to take the time to slow down, reflect on how they are operating as workers or athletes, face reality and map out new strategies for achieving their rehabilitation goals.

“We are uniquely effective in that we focus on both the client and the cause of his or her injury with our Strategic PT Care,” says Clayton.  “Our clients learn to be more effective in their body movements and enjoy and more balanced life.”

“Through our Strategic PT Care, clients learn that in order to have a successful rehabilitation they should be active in their recovery every day,” Clayton continued. “Clients also learn to structure their physical therapy so they serve each physical and personal goal.”

The Claytons began their roles with Columbia Physical Therapy 30 years ago when they founded their first location in Seattle. Bruce and Wrenna continue to lead their team of physical therapists in helping clients build growing, well-managed physical therapy programs with the Strategic PT Care Program.

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