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HOROSCOPES: February 27 – March 5, 2014

Finding a way to do it better than others is not going to be hard this week. Share your wisdom with other seekers. All who receive your word will benefit this week. Happiness rules! Don’t waste a moment of this perfect week on any negative thoughts.

Soul Affirmation: I give myself a chance to see all the good I can see in others.

Strong vibrations bring a series of dramatic interactions with others this week. Practice your charm. Let it come from the heart, and let your energy carry you upwards to your best, highest self. Keep emotions calm. Let the warmth from inside of you touch others and thereby make your world better.

Soul Affirmation: I go within and find what I’ve been searching outside myself to find.

You’ll be energizing and inspiring others this week as you speak what’s on your mind regarding spiritual matters and masters. The quality of your thoughts is very pure; write yourself a love letter. Move slowly with explanations. Others will not understand as quickly as you think they should.

Soul Affirmation: The truth that finds me is the truth I’ve been seeking.

Rev up your engines. This is a fine week for making progress with projects that you’ve got in the works. Your energy is high and your mind is clear. Use every advantage this week to finish up your works. Look for love in the right places. Know the difference between love and lust.

Soul Affirmation: I forgive and set myself free.

Educate those around you in the area of personal growth. Their improvement will bring benefits to you. Humor in communication is the key. Humor in introspection is a must.

Soul Affirmation: Success that has been following me is trying to catch up.

This week romance is begins to percolate. Enjoy your feelings and let your brain relax. Suspend all judgments of others. Being stern won’t work for you this week.

Soul Affirmation: I go along to get along.

Romance will find you this week. Don’t be looking the other way. Your “rap” is especially strong. Make as many of those important phone calls as possible. People will respond. They are waiting to be receptive,

Soul Affirmation: Friendships are shock absorbers on the bumpy roads of life.

This week should bring an opportunity to further your education, don’t pass it up. Pay special attention to details at work. A friend needs your support. Find joy in giving it.

Soul Affirmation: All things work together for good.

You and your mate should increase your saving for the future this week. Future plans should be spotlighted. A relationship is likely to take a serious turn. Be open to making an unusual purchase.

Soul Affirmation: I can see clearly now the rain is gone. There are no obstacles in my way.

Don’t take any big gambles this week, the time is not right for a flight into the unknown. A newfound harmony is in store for you and your mate. Your mate will understand your fears.

Soul Affirmation: New insights create new directions and a new cast of characters.

The air can be cleared easily. Admit your need for help. Seek understanding. You’ll help another by seeking help from them. Communication problems will smooth themselves out.

Soul Affirmation: Moving slowly might be the fastest way.

You and your partner are on the same wavelength. If you are presented with a contract this week, it’s an ideal week to reach an agreement. Make the important phone call to set things up.

Soul Affirmation: What I’ve been waiting for has been here all along.

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