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HOROSCOPES: February 6-12, 2014


Be especially sensitive to your spirit and your intuition this week.  They are your sixth sense that will alarm you of a situation that you should avoid. You’ll also be alerted to meet a new person who will be important to your personal life in the near future. Expect the unexpected from your lover. Soul Affirmation: New intuitions create new plans and a new cast of characters.


Do not feel alone in facing your tumultuous circumstances this week.  Call upon your support system and do not be afraid to ask for help.  Your ability to reach out will be a strong sign of courage.  The people closest to you will feel a new respect for you. Soul Affirmation: When I reach out in love someone is always there.


Do not narrow your options by accepting any offer that is put on the table this week.  Internalize the situation and discover how resourceful you are and capitalize on your own strengths and ability make things happen.  Don’t underestimate yourself, especially this week! Soul Affirmation: The wisdom of the ages is revealed as my spirit.


Love, joy and hope fill the air around you this week.  Three of the greatest intangible assets that one can experience will be given to you in abundance this week. Use them to overcome the bad vibes being given out by a co-worker this week. Soul Affirmation: Hope is future’s way of shining on me this week.


Live this week especially in a celebratory mode and count your blessings for you are wealthy in ways that are above materialistic levels.  Do not dwell on the financial situation in which you find yourself this week. Be ecstatic about the little pleasures that bring you laughter and gladness in your life! Soul Affirmation: When I give thanks for what I have, I lose all sense of what is missing.


Take the time this week for self-reflection. There is something about yourself that you are not seeing clearly. Remember now and whenever you examine your inner self to celebrate your strengths, for you have so many, and to accept your weaknesses as necessary, you are rewarded. Soul Affirmation: When I am clear about who I am, the world becomes clearer.


This week your honest acceptance of yourself will give you a power of both grandeur and humility. People will approach you for advice. You are capable of seeing clearly what it is that troubles them. This week be a counselor. In that you will find your prize. Soul Affirmation: I rejoice because of who I know myself to be.


This week others might mistake your gift for something else. They may not be able to see it but your inner strength is very available to you this week. Fill the workplace with warmth as soon as you enter.  Let peace radiate from your inner glow. Soul Affirmation: Love is the greatest gift I can give.


Someone influential is watching you at work this week. Get your work done as you think about celebrating your harmonious vibrations in the evenings in secluded time with your lover. Think about being uninhibited in your celebration and you will radiate joy in you work place and no one will know the reason. Soul Affirmation: My focus is good for making those decisions important to my career.


Emotional well being is as important to happiness as physical health. Cool it this week. Give yourself a break. Problems are learning experiences. Make sure you keep that in mind as you face a challenge in the financial area of your life this week.   Know that highs and lows bring balance to life and balance signifies well being. Soul Affirmation: Money is my good friend this week.


This week is your week to shine!  Let nothing get in the way of your light.  You have an energy inside of you that can light the path at work. Now is the time to let your inner glow radiate out to co-workers. Others are in need of your inner strength. Let love dominate your week. Soul Affirmation: I move ahead joyfully in practical matters.


Everyone wants joy in their lives but few people are ready to commit to truly joy filled ideals.  The ideal you need to cultivate this week is forgiveness. You’re holding on to something needlessly. Even if you get even you won’t feel any better. Let it go. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy letting my conservative side shine through.

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