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JULY 18 – 24, 2013


Possibilities of hearing good news about home are greatly expanded.  Savor the news rather than thinking about other annoyances. Travel is on the  horizon. Plan the trip this week.

Soul Affirmation: Jewelry reflects the beauty of my feelings about  myself.


Feather the nest. Stock up on stuff for the long haul. Cement  relationships. A friend needs your support. Enjoy giving it. You will receive  good news about a pal.

Soul Affirmation: Cheerfully handling what comes at me is the test of who I  am.


Your mate has a sweet surprise. Open up to receive it. Choose your  words carefully around a sensitive pal. Listen for good news about a loan or  financial matter.

Soul Affirmation: I let others toot my horn this week.


Enjoy the great insights you have in the area of career  objectives. Take a look at what’s out there! An unanticipated financial matter  may arise, find the good in it.

Soul Affirmation: A cheerful soul should be wrapped in a cheerful  package.


Be cautious and conservative with money. You are extremely witty this  week. Allow others to enjoy your good humor. Your leadership skills are very  high, and others will follow.

Soul Affirmation: Luck is my best friend this week.


This is a good time for you to seek agreement on a plan that  involves a relative. Take the time to remind your lover how much you care.  Get a little sentimental if you have to. Don’t be too critical of that softer  side of your personality.

Soul Affirmation: Self confidence is the key to my success this week.


Push. Now is a good time to push. Your energy is higher than ever.  Someone might get offended, but you can’t please everyone. Hire a pro for  something that you planned to do yourself, especially if a expertise is  involved.

Soul Affirmation: Success is mine because I feel successful.


Review your “to do” list again. You may need to slow down to  discover something that you didn’t realize while you were in the flow of events.  Your lover is going to be a little difficult to understand. Back off if an  argument arises. You’re probably the one who is too busy. Forgiving yourself is  often harder than getting someone else to forgive you.

Soul Affirmation: Two hats fit well on my big head.


Make a special effort to spend all week with your lover,  husband or wife. Your sense of the importance of relationships is keen and this  is a good time to strengthen your passionate partnership. Take your lover to a  party. Devote attention.

Soul Affirmation: Change is my middle name.


The flock will come to you for direction. Give it gracefully.  Know that your insights will help a lot if you deliver them in the right way. If  you are a mother, guidance will be the best gift you can give others this  week.

Soul Affirmation: Knowing I can do it is the biggest preparation for getting  it done.


Most people don’t know how often dreams and reality blend into  that practical consciousness of yours. Knowledge comes from a dream you’ve had  lately. This week is a good week to get started making that dream a reality.

Soul Affirmation: My spirit gives me limitless possibilities.


Cooperation is key this week in your relationship with your  partner. Even if you know you’re right, let your partner have his or her way in  the early going. Your staying power will give you influence or control in the  late rounds.

Soul Affirmation: I let go and let the spirit run my life this week.


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