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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

What Are Your Thoughts On The Confirmation Hearing?

Black women have always been at the forefront of leadership and now they are getting their just do. There were several Black women qualified for this position, to me it didn’t matter which one got the job as long as our young Black girls finally had representation for them to admire and aspire to be like.


I haven’t been following it, as I don’t watch the news, but it’s exciting to see a Black woman up for a Supreme Court position. The meme of her daughter looking at her with pride and joy kind of sums up my feelings about seeing Black women represented. But every time I see a Black woman doing something for the first time, I always think, damn it’s 2022, FIRST TIME???


It is good to see. Black Americans have always been capable. It is time our contributions to this country have been notice. Judge Jackson is well deserving as her presence, demeanor and qualifications have shown the senate that she is ready and prepared.


I am proud and honor being a Black woman know that finally representation has become a reality on the Supreme Court. It is way pass due. Our leadership has been tried and tested and given the opportunity to we are not afraid to step up. Ketanji Brown Jackson as I watch the confirmation hearing and the way she carried herself, she is going to do just fine.

Miss Mohammad

For Black people there is always a first time, which in a sense is unfortunate due to the fact Black people have done so much for this country that goes unnoticed. But I applaud this Black woman for breaking this ceiling. I believe she will serve the court and our community well.


Black women have been leaders and at the forefront of Black contribution since we have been here. This is nothing new to us, the leadership role Black women play in our lives. So, her taken the reins of the Supreme Court, they better watch out, a Black woman is in the house now.


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