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Friday, September 24, 2021

Do You Believe African Countries Like South Africa Have The Right To Take Land Away From Whites?

Anthony Spearmen…
You know its delicate you have White people who were born in Africa, who believe they are native, and of course you have native born Black Africans who dispute this claim. The right to redistribute the land is an argument that is going to be decided by the people and as it looks they are up in arms about reclaiming it. Violence in my opinion is never the answer, but it was taken through violence and most likely it will have to be reclaimed by violence. Those White folk are not going to give up easily.

Charles Townsend…
From my personal opinion anyone is justified in reclaiming property that has been stolen. I know if I had something of value stolen from me I am going to all that is in my power to retrieve it. I think South Africa has every right. Apartheid has been a stain in that country for a long time and it’s time to remedy that.



Shirley Johnson…
As far as I am concerned it was never the Europeans’ land in the first place. I think it is a difficult task — the redistribution of land. But from a justification point of view, yes the native born Africans do have a right to reclaim what was naturally theirs. What they will have to be prepared for is the blowback both politically and socially.


Mike Pierce…
I don’t think the violence is necessary, but I think from a theoretical perspective the people of South Africa are justified and have the right to redistribute the land stolen. White colonization has run it’s course as consciousness is rising and awareness is growing in terms of the wrongs of the past. Society is becoming more compassionate towards the victims of those wrongs and the victims are beginning to fight back.

South Africa has every right to claim what is theirs. White people have been robbing the resources of that continent for centuries and the chickens are coming home to roost. Karma is what it is. It looks like to me that the African has had enough and are fighting back, fighting for what’s theirs. I hope they succeed.



Jason Miller…
Well, the land was taken unjustly and cruelly from the South African people. Apartheid kept them having land ownership and rights. I feel that in the best interest of all that the natural balance should be re-established. Black peoples of Africa deserve their right to be sustainable and live in relative freedom.



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