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Not Jumping For Juneteenth

Juneteenth represents more than symbolic progress, though. While most of white America had never heard of Juneteenth, now they have. They now have the opportunity to reflect on our nation’s history in ways they haven’t reflected on it before. Annually, there will be a flurry of newspaper articles and television specials focusing on Juneteenth. The ignorant can change the channel or flip the pages of their newspapers, but commemorating Juneteenth begins the process of fully embracing our flawed history.

Three Urgent Steps To Defend Democracy From Cynics And Skeptics

The far-right attack on voting rights is fierce. And the unwillingness of some Senate Democrats to challenge rules that allow a Republican minority to block voting rights bills is making some question whether we can turn back the tide of voter suppression.

Black Men And Women Are 40% More Likely To Die From Colorectal Cancer

Entire communities, especially Black communities, will continue to die from this disease without concerted, creative and intentional outreach. To be clear, I’m pleased with the USPSTF recommendations. They mean that insurers will have to cover the cost of colorectal cancer screening, which will eliminate a common barrier for many, including Black people.

Pride Month Means Black Pride Too

Pride Month has to be about Black Pride, too, about embracing all LGBTQIA identities. After all, as we experience major demographic shifts, the population, and the electorate, are increasingly diverse. We need to see the intersectional in our commemorations, celebration, and more. And we need to be vocal about our opposition to hate and hateful behavior no matter how it is directed.

Lives Are Depending On It

The postponed and rescheduled 2020 Olympic Games are only a few weeks away. If the Japanese and International Olympic Committees can manage a COVID-safe environment, I welcome them. I consider this event to be one of the purest forms of athletic competition. Participants train and compete fairly in a test of physical prowess.

America’s Guilt?

We witness this inexcusable conduct in the historical revisionism of the Republican Party. From them we learn that America’s “original sin” of RACISM and brutal violence against people of color was and continues to be a figment of our imagination. Like the child, but with the animus of white-hot racism, racist revisionist would have you believe that what we’ve seen, experienced, and know to be true didn’t happen or was misunderstood.

Simple Justice: The Tulsa Massacre, Restitution And Reparations

On its 100th anniversary, the 1921 massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma has finally come to national attention. The history of the massacre is now known. The damage inflicted clear. The question is what is to be done to repair the damage?

Black Men Must Talk About Drugs Ravishing Our Community

With Black people in America, there is a State of Emergency with drugs in our communities, and it is an urgent issue. The Drug Policy Alliance states, “The drug war has produced profoundly unequal outcomes across racial groups, manifested through racial discrimination by law enforcement and disproportionate drug misery suffered by communities of color.”

State’s New Environmental Law Risks Disparate Impact On Small And Black-owned Businesses

Legislation like this does not fix the underlying problems with recycling. We must address the underlying issues that exist by investing in recycling infrastructure. We must take a holistic approach to strengthening each step of the process – from the recycling bins that consumers use to the manufacturing of the reused plastic materials.

Black Men Must Talk About Drugs Ravishing Our Community

It is no mistake that drugs are so prevalent in the Black community, that our children can direct a stranger were to purchase drugs. The most amazing thing about drugs in the Black community is that nothing is done, because everyone is scared, others don’t care, so it is accepted.

Latest News

Visit South Lake Union Community Center Online Open House

SPR and the design team from NBBJ have collected community feedback and are excited to share how the input has helped shape the schematic design, floor plan and programming spaces.

White House To Focus On New Vaccination Milestones As U.S. Is Expected To Miss July 4 Goal

"We've made tremendous progress in our vaccination efforts to date, and the ultimate goal has been to get America back to normal, as you said, and we're looking forward to doing that even here at the White House," press secretary Jen Psaki said this week.

Carl Nassib Of Las Vegas Raiders Is First Active NFL Player To Announce He Is Gay

"I just think that representation and visibility are so important," he said. "I actually hope that one day videos like this and the whole coming out process are just not necessary. But until then, I'm going to do my best and do my part to cultivate a culture that's accepting, that's compassionate."

Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah Turn 20

A spectacular feat of engineering, the man-made islands of Palm Jumeirah are 20 years old this year.

Canada To Ease Mandatory Quarantine On Some Arrivals

From just before midnight on July 5, Canadians and permanent residents who've received a full course of a coronavirus vaccine accepted by the government can leave isolation early of if they test negative for Covid on entry.