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Saturday, November 27, 2021



A Black Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Poverty and unemployment within our families and communities are now on a steady decrease after years of increasing economic disparities even before the devastating impact of COVID-19 on Black America. We express our condolences to those families who have suffered deaths from that deadly pandemic that continues to disproportionately hit our communities.

Reform The Filibuster And End The Assault On Voting Rights Now

Unlike the right to vote, there is nothing sacred about the filibuster.

The Legacy Of Black Pastors Continues To Shine In The Ahmaud Arbery Trial

It is no surprise that the presence of Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson was unwanted by Kevin Gough. The defense attorney stated we didn’t want “any more Black pastors” sitting in the courtroom with Arbery’s family.

Giving Thanks

COVID-19 has brought painful losses to thousands of families. The unfairness of our health and justice systems has been laid bare.

Old Fashioned Georgia Racism

Testimony recently presented by Ahmaud’s killer confirms that at no time did he or his two accomplices advise Ahmaud that they were attempting to execute a citizen’s arrest.

School Curriculums And The New Politics Of Fear

We have seen attempted recalls and threats of violence against school board members. Superintendents and school teachers are less willing to address racism within their school districts, thereby being silenced out of fear.

Investing In American People And Communities

There’s a lot to cheer about in the infrastructure bill.

First-Ever Civil Rights Scorecard Grades Senators On Performance Defending Voting Rights

How much do your senators care about voter suppression? How committed are they to our most sacred constitutional right?

Lesson For Democrats In Virginia Defeat: Give Voters Something To Vote For

Election Day in Virginia was a major defeat for the Democratic Party. It could signal a much bigger disaster in 2022 if Democratic officials do not learn the right lessons and do not deliver on the promises they have made to voters.

Senate Republicans Block This Generation’s Voting Rights Act: Will President Biden Meet The Challenge?

Across the country, Republican state legislators have been busy imposing new voting restrictions and devising corrupt redistricting schemes to give their party more power than they could win under a fair system.

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