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I have always loved and believed in the power of words.  In my youth I was amazed at the emotional response to our (so-called) “Negro” leaders.  Orators like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., my friend Dick Gregory, and a myriad of others spoke messages of practical importance, in their day, which now serve to benefit us in the present with enduring relevance.

To Be Equal Trailblazing News Anchor Bernard Shaw Inspired A Generation Of Black Journalists

Representation in media matters. It can shape not only how people perceive one another, but how people perceive themselves. 


Inevitably, in my writings the discussion of some topics will recur.  By their very nature, some issues are always ‘ripe’ for discussion.  One such issue is that of what Dr. Carter G. Woodson called “The Miseducation of the Negro.”  

Redistricting is Voter Suppression Too

We’ve all heard about the restrictive voter suppression laws that far-right state legislatures are passing. We’ve heard about the crackdowns on voting hours and mail-in voting, and even on giving food and water to voters in long lines. But we don’t hear enough about redistricting as another weapon being used to intimidate voters and keep us from exercising our constitutional rights. It is erasing us from Congress and state legislatures. We need to call it out and challenge it where we see it.

Recognizing People Who Keep Us Moving

Each year, King County Metro recognize employees and teams who demonstrate outstanding dedication and service to Metro’s customers and community. And the winners are…

What’s Goin’ On Now?

Throughout history, humankind has been blessed with prophets whose wisdom, insight, and predictions have provided others with a pathway to prosperity.  Unfortunately, as often as not, humankind has foolishly rejected the wisdom of its prophets and has suffered regrettable consequences.

At What Point Do We Stop Helping People?

As president, Barack Obama showed us that helping people is not a bad thing. In fact, many times, it’s worth the political risks in situations where people face dire consequences.

Free ‘Rider’s Licenses’ For Youth Unlock Opportunity

Although we as adults sometimes hate to admit it, this generation of youth are doing many things better than we ever did—from concern for the environment, to cultural awareness, to technological know-how.

Inappropriate Level of Force

Because of a vested interest in the lives of Black people, my own attention was drawn to the results of the investigation of the death of Rayshard Brooks.

Secretary Of State Races Are Important

Democrats play checkers, and Republicans play chess. That's why the Reagan Revolution, which kicked off in 1980, worked. President Ronald Reagan pledged to trim government bureaucracy, install conservatives into administrative government positions, and deliver a conservative agenda. He didn't do it in a day or a week; it took years for his plan to take hold.

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