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Sunday, October 2, 2022



The Justice System Finally Flexes Its Power

As a Republican presidential contender in 2016, Donald Trump knew something most of us may have totally missed.

The ‘Invisible Tax’ On Black Teachers

The additional tasks assigned to educators are not divided equally among Black teachers and their non-Black colleagues, leaving Black teachers in roles that don’t set them up for promotions and lead to early burnout.

It’s Time For More Than ‘Telling It Like It Is’ 

What Black people need are honest commentators, including preachers who, at least sometimes, tell them like it can be, like it should be, like it must be if they seriously desire to improve Black communities.

The Cruelty Of Exploiting Vulnerable People For Political Advantage

There is always a new low for Trump Republicans. And that is pretty frightening.

RIP, Frank Watkins

Every movement is dependent on unsung heroes – creative, dedicated and passionate people who devote their energy to the cause, beneath the glare of the camera. With the passing of Frank Watkins this week, RainbowPush lost one of the greatest of its heroes.


Celebrity worship has been a part of the human condition for as long as we have been a part of the landscape. I think we sometimes discount the depth of our involvement in the social elevation of those we think of as being heroes, talented, or special.

NBA’s Response To Sarver Investigation Sidesteps A Wider Culture Of Racism And Misogyny

This week’s announcement that Robert Sarver has put the Phoenix Suns and Mercury up for sale is welcome news. The NBA and WNBA are well rid of his racism, misogyny, harassment, and abuse.

Urban Civil Rights Museum Will Bring Little-Examined Corners Of History To Light

The museum will be housed in National Urban League’s new Harlem headquarters, the Urban League Empowerment Center, currently under construction and slated to open in late 2024/early 2025.

Most Of Today’s Youth Are Unprepared For Military Service

When we have reports showing over 70% of our young Americans are unqualified to serve in the military, it weakens the potential workforce for businesses and national security.

Black America And The American Dream

The transfer of wealth has dropped with each generation. It will only continue to drop if Black home and land ownership rates don’t increase soon.

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