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Targeted Treatment

Last week, the NAACP issued a formal travel advisory for Florida in response to DeSantis' aggressive attempts to erase Black history and restrict Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs in Florida schools.

What Is Tim Scott Running For?

Other than the historically myopic Florida governor, Tim Scott has scant competition to date, and from my vantage point he has about as much chance becoming President as I do.  So while is he really in this race?

History Is A Human Right

From Stone Mountain to the Stonewall Inn, the #TeachTruth National Day of Action fights back against anti-history legislation.

The Choice Is Ours

You can have the United States of America, or you can have your way, you cannot have both. We will either “learn to live together” as fellow Americans “or perish together as fools.” The choice is ours.

The Many Accomplices To The Killing Of Jordan Neely

Implicit racial bias. Reckless and distorted political rhetoric about violent crime. Jordan Neely didn’t fall through the cracks- the world where he existed is nothing but cracks.

IRS Free Tax Filing Service Could Further Harm Black, Low-Income Taxpayers

The IRS is exploring a direct e-file system for tax returns. However, some believe the system would bring undue harm to historically marginalized communities- including Black and low-income taxpayers.

What Happens If America Can No Longer Pay Its Bills?

For much of Black America, having adequate cash to cover monthly bills or small business overhead has historically been an ongoing challenge.

In The Image Of Trump

Back in 2015, I remember telling myself and others the damage of a Trump presidency would last longer than a four-year term.  I knew then I would be right, but, at the time, could not imagine just how right I would be.

Jim Brown And Social Activism

Athletes such as football legend Jim Brown reached the professional ranks by overcoming tremendous odds with determination, perseverance, and commitment.

My 9-Year-Old Loves Ja Morant. (I Kinda Wish He Didn’t)

Yes, there are layers to the Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant's gun-flashing ways. But when he’s admired by your child, it all hits different.

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