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No Labels Endorses Bipartisan Deal To Resolve US Debt Ceiling Debate

“We have always emphasized that there should be common sense bipartisan solutions to our nation’s problems that are supported overwhelmingly by the majority of the American people,” No Labels National Co-Chairs Joe Lieberman, Larry Hogan, and Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., said in a joint statement issued on Sunday, May 28.

Corporate America Urges Congress To Pass Debt Ceiling Deal Legislation

Biden and McCarthy reached an agreement Saturday for the new debt ceiling, but the deal isn’t done yet. The House vote is expected to take place Wednesday.

Why Black Folks Will Probably Feel The Heat Most This Summer

Black fokks tend to live in urban "heat islands", and the next five years are set to be the warmest ever. Turning on the AC can’t fix this.

The Detective Cookie Chess Classic Tournament Was A Winner In The Eyes Of The Community

Last weekend, 100 kids participated in the first annual Detective Cookie Chess Classic Tournament, featuring five rounds of competition. The tournament took place at the Rainier Beach Community Center in South Seattle.

Chilling Lines From The Judge Who Sentenced The Oath Keepers’ Leader

Judge Amit Mehta on Thursday handed down an 18-year prison sentence for the leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election that ended with the violent attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Toxic Chemicals In Washington’s Drinking Water

PFAS toxic “forever PFAS toxic “forever chemicals” have been discovered in drinking water in the state of Washington. But where?”

Electric Cars Getting More Charging Stations

More than 35 states, including Washington, have had their National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) plans approved and have begun to receive fed funding.

Drug Policy Overhaul Signed By Wash. Gov.

Washinton state legislators were busy overhauling a state law created for people caught possessing illegal drugs or using them in public.

Lifeguard Shortage Closes 3 Local Beaches

Seattle’s Department of Parks is gearing up for sun and beach whether. However, not all beaches will be open.

June 2023 Author Readings And Community Events With The Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library’s June schedule is packed with opportunities to learn, listen, laugh and read. The Library offers a range of other free events and workshops, including story times, Homework Help sessions, and business workshops and consults.

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