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President Biden Nominates First Black Woman To Serve On Federal Reserve Board Of Governors

“President Biden is working to bring long-overdue diversity to the leadership of the Federal Reserve,” Erica Lowe, the White House Director of African American Media, wrote on Twitter. “Lisa D. Cook would be the first Black woman in history to serve on the Board,” Lowe concluded.

King Family Demands Senate Pass Voting Rights Legislation

The family of Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday demanded the Senate pass voting rights legislation and said lawmakers who truly honor the late civil rights leader's legacy must stand on the right side of history.

Eddie Rye, Jr. Adds A “Touch Of King” To Everything He Can In Seattle

What motivates African Americans to continue to fight for their rights and to promote the legacies and contributions of their most prominent of leaders.

King’s Daughter Slams Twisting Of Critical Race Theory

Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter used an address Monday to push for federal voting rights legislation and slam the twisting of critical race theory to create what she called "false narratives.''

Mayor Bruce Harrell To Issue New Executive Order And Extend Eviction Moratorium For 30 Days

In a new order, Mayor Harrell is issuing instructions to departments to take immediate action in limiting the pandemic’s future negative impact on Seattle residents and collecting relevant data on the effectiveness of the moratorium.

Obama Portraits Now On Display At Atlanta’s High Museum Of Art

The Obama portraits have arrived to Atlanta's Midtown’s High Museum of Art as part of a five-city, year-long tour around the nation's major cities.

Black America Salutes CEO Robert F. Smith For Accelerating Racial Equity And The Spirit Of Giving

The philanthropy and corporate leadership of Robert F. Smith is appreciated by numerous recipients and Smith should be applauded for helping make a difference and providing hope to millions of people in underserved communities. The issues of economic equity and racial justice are still critical for the future of the nation.

Schools Closed Or Shifting To Remote Learning

Due to high absentee and quarantine rates, several schools have either transitioned to remote learning or have been closed.

Police Probe Clears Dayton, Ohio, Officers Who Pulled Paraplegic Driver Out Of Car

A Dayton, Ohio, police internal investigation of a traffic stop where officers pulled a paraplegic driver out of a car by his hair and arms cleared the officers of the most serious allegations against them.

Obamacare Is Proving Popular In Red States That Didn’t Expand Medicaid

More than 13.8 million people have picked plans on the federal and state marketplaces -- 2 million of them new to Obamacare for 2022.

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