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A Letter to the Church — Are you living in vain? “Faithful Utterances”

As I witness you celebrating the overturning of Roe v. Wade, I want to challenge you. I want you to really consider the way you are currently supporting women and children in your congregation. I hope that you will also em­brace the young women who are single mothers without judg­ment and that your church has a ministry that caters to their needs offering both financial and emotional support beyond just the spiritual.

Rev. Dr. Reginald W. Williams, Jr. To Preach At Mt. Zion This Sunday

Rev. Dr. Reginald W. Williams, Jr., pastor of the First Baptist Church of University Park in Illinois, will be visiting the Emerald City to bring the preached Word to Mt. Zion Baptist Church members and the greater King County community this Sunday, July 17 at the 10:45 am worship service.

Black Conservatives Celebrate Supreme Court’s Protection of Religious Freedom

“A football coach praying by himself on the 50-yard line of the field outside of official gameplay and apart from his official coaching duties is an obvious exercise of a personally held religious belief. We shouldn’t even be here,” said Project 21 member Joe Mobley. “If students, athletes, players from other teams or even a casual bystander wanted to join in, they could. If not, they wouldn’t. The fact that Coach Kennedy’s right to pray was even in question is a sign that America is way off track.

COMMENTARY: Is Religious Freedom Free?

In 2019, a federal appeals court ruled that the school board in Washington State was correct when it fired Coach Joe Kennedy for praying publicly. A judge of the Ninth Circuit said, “A coach’s duty to serve as a good role model requires the coach to refrain from any manifestation of religious faith — even when the coach is plainly not on duty.” Where does freedom start and stop? Kennedy’s case has sparked controversy, landing in the Supreme Court this past week debating just how far can a person express religious freedom in public spaces.

Black Catholic Nuns: A Compelling, Long-overlooked History

In the 1In the 1960s, Professor Shaneen Dee Williams writes, Black nuns were often discouraged or blocked by their white superiors from engaging in the civil rights struggle.

Mt. Zion To Present Candidate For Senior Pastor To The Congregation This Weekend

ommittee of Mt. Zion Baptist Church will presentation of their choice for the Senior Pastor candidate to the congregation this Friday, April 29 at 6:00 p.m. During the presentation, which will be held via Zoom, the committee will present the candidate’s background, education, pastoral and community experience.

Rev. Carey Anderson Announces Bid For 30th District State Rep.

Pastor Carey G. Anderson of First A.M.E. of Seattle (FAME) has announced that he is running for the seat vacated by State Rep. Jesse Johnson of the 30th District.

Greater New Bethel To Host Drive-By Anniversary Celebration For Their Pastor And First Lady

The members of the Greater New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church would like to invite everyone to their celebratory drive-by anniversary for their Pastor and First Lady, Rev. and Sis. Dana E. (Kristie) McClendon.

An Evening To Celebrate Dr. James W. Washington Jr.

Dr. James W. Washington Jr. was a phenom in his time and today.

Mount Zion Women’s Ministry To Host Sunrise Conversation On Health, Wellness And Advocacy

The Mount Zion Baptist Church Women’s Ministry invites you to a Sunrise Community Conversation on Health, Wellness, Cancer Survivorship, Equity and Advocacy for African American Women.

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