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Why Black Folks Will Probably Feel The Heat Most This Summer

Black fokks tend to live in urban "heat islands", and the next five years are set to be the warmest ever. Turning on the AC can’t fix this.

8 Tips For Healthy Grilling

As soon as it is warm enough for shorts and sandals, many of us start firing up the grill. Here are 8 tips to make the summer time tradition healthier.

What Rising Rates Of Depression Mean For Black People

A new Gallup poll found that Black adults are being diagnosed with depression twice as much as white adults. Historically, it’s been the opposite.

25 Books That Humanize The HIV/Aids Experience

While the harrowing mortality statistics are an irrefutable part of the crisis, it leaves out the human aspect, erasing the very real impact on relationships, families, and communities.

Racism Makes Working On Your Fitness Harder

Black adults are reportedly less active than their non-Black peers, but they don’t always live in safe neighborhoods, and fitness memberships can be costly.

Empowering Black Men To Prioritize Their Mental Health

It can be a silent pain many Black men go through. The pain of depression and other life pressures which contribute to mental health issues.

Lack Of Sports Bras Sidelines Seattle Girls, But It Doesn’t Have To

Studies show that lack of access to bras is the fourth leading barrier to exercise for girls and young women.

Reproductive Health Care And Data Privacy: What We Know, What We Don’t, And How To Protect Yourself

Because data privacy and reproductive rights are convoluted and subject to change, it's challenging to keep up with what is safe and legal, and what isn't.

Study Reveals Staggering Toll of Being Black In America

The profound and painful loss — 80 million years of life, compared with the white population — is a call to action to improve the health of Black Americans, especially infants, mothers, and seniors, researchers say.

Public Health Department Issues Flu Warnings

After two seasons of unusually low flu activity due to public restrictions caused by COVID, the 2022-2023 flu season was the deadliest in five years.

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