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Why Do So Many Black Women Have Alopecia?

Dermatologist Danita Peoples-Peterson says some styles are causing hair loss, and tight braids are at the top of her list.

As Schools Try To Address Student Mental Health Crisis, Nonprofits Work To Fill A Void

With so many students requiring mental health support and school districts confronting mental health clinician shortages, Sacramento organizations are stepping up to bridge the gap for students of color.

Texas, Battling Teen Pregnancy, Recasts Sex Education Standards

This fall, school districts across Texas are marking a shift to what educators call an “abstinence-plus” curriculum — the first time the state has revised its standards for sexual health education in more than 20 years.

U.S. Warns Monkeypox Could Mutate To Resist Antiviral Drug

The Food and Drug Administration updated its guidance this week for Tpoxx, which has been prescribed to tens of thousands of patients with the virus.

For The First Time, US Task Force Proposes Recommendation To Screen For Anxiety In Adults

The US Preventive Services Task Force says for the first time that adults under the age of 65 should be screened for anxiety, according to a draft recommendation posted on Tuesday.

Dr. Joy DeGruy and Reparations: Why Healing Begins With Truth

DeGruy and her daughter Bahia Overton are partnering with Chicago’s Organic Oneness — and they’re focused on ending racial trauma and bringing about justice.

The ‘Silent Killer’ Behind Strokes In The Black Community

After providing decades of care to Black patients, Dr. Gregory Hall says untreated high blood pressure is causing many to suffer strokes — and it doesn’t have to be this way.

COVID’s Impact On Youth

As terrifying and heartbreaking as the COVID-19 pandemic was for adults, for some children the past two years have been even more challenging.

Black Men Are Still Disproportionately Affected By Prostate Cancer – It’s Time To Act

Understanding risk factors, staying up to date on primary care for early detection, and knowing treatment options can help limit disparities.

Prescribing Adolescents Multiple Psychiatric Drugs Now The Norm, Particularly In Minority Communities

In 2020, the journal Pediatrics reported that 40.7 percent of people ages 2 to 24 who were prescribed a drug for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder also were prescribed at least one other medication for depression, anxiety, or another mood or behavioral disorder.

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