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Choose Celebrity Over Humility If You Dare

In order to honestly accept the reality of faith, I believe we must become naked in those things that God expects and adores submission, selflessness, humility, reverence, charity, love and more. We all know the world to be a cruel place for people who demonstrate these qualities. The world can be lethal for those it views as submissive and passive and humble.


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Choose Celebrity Over Humility If You Dare

In order to honestly accept the reality of faith, I believe we must become naked in those things that God expects and adores submission, selflessness, humility, reverence, charity, love and more. We all know the world to be a cruel place for people who demonstrate these qualities. The world can be lethal for those it views as submissive and passive and humble.

Lorraine B. Harris Senior Member Of Mount Zion Baptist Church

Mount Zion Women's Ministry Past President, Lorraine B. Harris, is excited about being able to return to church. She is, as always, dressed for the occasion.

Dr. Yvonne Terrell Powell Co-author Of “An Intentional Walk With GOD, A 101 Days Journey”

Dr. Powell said it took several years to write the book, in addition to many trials and tribulations of life. The book is a well-written, meaningful, and inspirational read.

Sarah Dean Elected Regional Coordinator For The National Council Of Negro Women

Sarah J. E. Dean, a member of the Mount Zion Women's Ministry, was recently elected Regional Coordinator of the Rocky Mountain Regional Alliance of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW).

Greater New Bethel To Celebrate 57th Church Anniversary

Greater New Bethel MBC will celebrate their 57th Anniversary on Sunday, October 10 at 11:00 am.





Podcast: Unvaccinated Promoter‘s Battle With COVID

Rhythm & News interview with Anthony Tibbs, a local promoter/marketer in Seattle, about his battle with COVID. Tibbs was undecided about getting vaccinated at the time he contracted the deadly virus.

Podcast: Black Coffee Shop Victimized By Vandalism, Burglary And Harassment

Interview with Darnesha Weary, owner of Black Coffee Northwest in Shoreline, about vandalism, burglaries and harassment of their business/employees that she believes are racially motivated.

Podcast: Black Philanthropy Month

Interview with T'wina Nobles, President of the Tacoma Urban League and one of the architects of the Black Future Coop Fund, about Black Philanthropy Month and the virtual events that they have planned.

Podcast: Eviction Moratoriums

Interview with Linda Taylor, Housing Director for the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, about the federal and state eviction moratoriums and options that are available to both renters and landlords/homeowners.

Podcast: Seattle Mayoral Candidate Bruce Harrell

Rhythm & News interview with Seattle Mayoral Candidate Bruce Harrell.


Ezell’s Famous Chicken Announces Awardees For The Rudd’s R.U.B.B. Initiative To Financially Empower Black-owned Businesses

Earlier this week, Ezell’s Famous Chicken announced the awardees for the 2021 Rudd’s R.U.B.B. Initiative (Raising Up Black Businesses), a precedent-setting program designed to financially empower Black-owned businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Doubles Down On Company’s Commitment To Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

Last week, JP Morgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon met with a few local media outlets in Seattle to discuss some community service-oriented plans that Chase has in store for communities across the country.

Amazon Is Starting Black Friday Deals Early. Like, Now

Amazon has begun rolling out "Black Friday-worthy deals" to jumpstart the holiday shopping season that's expected to be chaotic because of shipping and supply chain issues. Amazon announced Monday "deep discounts across every category" including fashion, home goods, toys and electronics that will be available on a special webpage.

Low-Wage Workers Are Getting ‘Eye-Popping’ Pay Raises

Skyrocketing wages can also be attributed in part to the rising demand for low-wage workers as the service sector has started recovering following a surge in vaccination, according to the report.

Restaurant Industry Worse today Than Three Months Ago

The restaurant industry is in worse shape now than it was three months ago, according to a new survey by the National Restaurant Association.


How To Crush Medical Debt: 5 Tips For Using Hospital Charity Care

What if a law passed but no one enforced it? That’s essentially what has happened with one small but helpful rule about hospitals and financial assistance for medical bills.

Covid Testing, Turnaround Times Are Still Uneven This Far Into Pandemic

While covid testing is much easier to come by than it was early in the pandemic, the ability to get a test — and timely results — can vary widely nationwide.

U.S. Covid-19 Rates Are Declining, But Colder Weather Could Mean The Delta Wave Still Has Months To Go

This Delta variant could be the last major surge of the Covid-19 pandemic, but now is not the time for the U.S. to grow complacent as it has yet to run its course, an expert said Monday.

How Long Should An Alcoholic Liver Disease Patient Wait For A Transplant?

In the U.S., a widespread practice requires patients with alcoholic liver disease to complete a period of sobriety before they can get on the waiting list for a liver.

Study Shows How Medical Community Neglected African Americans With Covid

More than half of hospital readmissions within the 60 days following discharge were among nonwhite patients (55%), and the majority of post-discharge deaths were among white patients (21.5%).

Empowerment Series

Using Life Insurance To Build Generational Wealth

For me, having a life-insurance policy is not an option – it’s a necessity. It ensures your final arrangements are covered and creates a financial asset, a tax-free instrument to transfer generational wealth.

2020: Education Exposed

Like most things, education's socioeconomic effects have had its most significant impact on the neediest people. No sector of our society has felt a greater impact than parents, especially low-income impoverished single-parent households, and homes with special educational needs.

Letter from NAACP Seattle-King County Education Chair, Josette Wicker

Though the excitement of back-to-school activities remains, with K – 12 classes in Seattle starting last Friday, September 4th, many districts in King County are still not prepared to support our students as they return to school. This comes from the lack of accessibility in a multitude of ways.

A Pandemic Of Vanishing Black Wealth

It should come as no surprise that a recession only exacerbates the already vicious patterns of low wealth for Black families. Yet, in an unprecedented twist of fate, never before seen in history, while we are still reeling from the economic losses of last decade’s Great Recession…here we go AGAIN!

Ink Barrel

Don’t Get Boxed In To The BIPOC Trap

While the term might be seen as an inclusive compromise towards African Americans who push back against the broad references to people of color, the fact remains that the term BIPOC, simply put, is another broad-based term that is intentionally used by policymakers and bureaucrats to water down the ills that plague our society so they don’t look so bad.

When A Five-Year-Old Cares More About Fighting Covid Than You Do

It’s time for people to stop with all the rhetoric about government-imposed restrictions that are in the best interest of public safety. You can make all of the excuses that you want, but the fact remains that you are helping prolong this battle against COVID. Take a look at the kids in your family, put yourself in their shoes, and ask yourself what would you like to see adults do in order to win the battle against COVID sooner rather than later.

Black Women Are Taking Over The Political Landscape

We have a lot of very bright and talented individuals in our community, many of whom are reluctant to run for political office for many reasons. But now, as we see more and more people placing their names on the ballot and having success, we are seeing an unprecedented interest in Black people, particularly Black women, who are answering the call to public service in order to place our issues on the table and set the framework for a brighter future for everyone.

SPS School Board Director Leslie Harris Has Some Explaining To Do

The reason that Harris gave for not supporting the settlement was because she did not agree with a stipulation in the settlement that precluded both sides from commenting on the case or the settlement. One has to wonder what being able to comment on the settlement or the case has to do with whether or not you vote to approve the settlement.

Let’s Talk About The Vaccine

While the decision on whether or not to get vaccinated is a personal decision, it must be noted that people need to make an educated decision and not a rash decision one way or another. The fact is that we are still far away from a point where COVID-19 is a thing of the past, and we all, whether we are vaccinated or not, must continue to take the necessary precautions – social distancing, properly wearing face masks, not hosting large indoor gatherings, and washing your hands – if we hope to see the other side of this pandemic.


2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz

If it looks like a truck, it is a truck. Not so with the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz.

2021 Lexus RX 350 AWD F Sport

When you make one of the most popular luxury sport utilities on the planet, why change it before it is time? Thus, the product planers at Lexus did not do that much to alter the 2021 Lexus RX 350, or the 2022 version.

2022 Toyota GR 86

Toyota has retrofitted its GR 86. For the uninitiated, this is a world class 2+2 sports car.

2022 Mitsubishi Cross & Outlander

In press material Mitsubishi said, “inside the cabin, a new black interior with silver accents and light gray leather seats creates a more sophisticated look. Door trims also coordinate with the car seat color to feature a high-quality, sporty interior space. Eclipse Cross' interior has always been an exciting and comfortable place to spend time, and the new changes move it to a more enjoyable and upscale level.

2022 Nissan Frontier

At a time when others in the midsize truck segment seem intent on enlarging their holdings and footprint, Nissan is trying very hard to stay true to a manageable sized vehicle.