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MediaCo Appoints New Executive Team To Lead Strategic Realignment And Innovation

“Rahsan-Rahsan [Lindsay] is a talented and dedicated leader with the right strategic vision, relentless drive, and passion for media required to lead the MediaCo team at this critical time. He forged his career at the intersection of technology and media, and his vast experience and keen perspective will be invaluable in taking the company into the future,” said MediaCo Board Director Laura Lee.



Not Jumping For Juneteenth

Juneteenth represents more than symbolic progress, though. While most of white America had never heard of Juneteenth, now they have. They now have the opportunity to reflect on our nation’s history in ways they haven’t reflected on it before. Annually, there will be a flurry of newspaper articles and television specials focusing on Juneteenth. The ignorant can change the channel or flip the pages of their newspapers, but commemorating Juneteenth begins the process of fully embracing our flawed history.

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Community Briefs

Visit South Lake Union Community Center Online Open House

SPR and the design team from NBBJ have collected community feedback and are excited to share how the input has helped shape the schematic design, floor plan and programming spaces.

Seattle Public Libraries To Re-open Ten Branches Next Week

On Tuesday, June 22, the glass and steel walls of The Seattle Public Library’s Central Library will fill with visitors for the first time in 15 months.

City Of Seattle Seeks Volunteers To Serve On The Community Involvement Commission

The Commission is composed of 16 members – seven appointed by City Council and seven appointed by the Mayor, with one position filled by a young adult through the Get Engaged program.

ANEW Hosting Pre-Apprentice Training Program

ANEW, a local, non-profit dedicated to improving the access and advancement of women in non-traditional career pathways, such as construction and manufacturing, is excited to announce the anticipated start of cohorts in Snohomish, King, and Pierce Counties this July. Each training program will be held for all genders through their Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Education (PACE) Program.

Public Hearing For Seattle Center Sign Code Amendments June 4

Seattle Center staff has proposed new sign rules that would allow Seattle Center to manage most sign approvals within its campus. This would complete the sign rules for the Center’s sign overlay district, which was created in July 2019 to address signage at Climate Pledge Arena.


Enovi Chandler A 2021 Graduate Of Garfield High School And Seattle Central College

Enovi Chandler, President of the Mount Zion Women’s Ministry American Baptist Girls (AB Girls), is a member of the 2021 graduating class of Garfield High School and Seattle Community College. Chandler will attend Seattle University next fall where she will major in Psychology.

Rev. Danté R. Quick Named Senior Pastor Of First Baptist Church Of Lincoln Gardens

“Pastor Soaries, who will officially retire as of June 30, 2021, will preach his farewell sermon on June 27, 2021 and Pastor Quick will transition to the church over the next several months while an interim pastor provides service,” Hibbert said.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Baptist Church Presents A Virtual Forgiveness Retreat

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Baptist Church will host a virtual Forgiveness Retreat on Sat., May 15 and Sat., May 22 from 9:00a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Both sessions will be held via the Zoom platform.

Sanitizing And Cleaning The Church

Mount Zion Baptist Church Women’s Ministry recently donated $1,000 to the church to be used for the deep cleaning and sanitizing of the Church.

Historic Atlanta Church Inundated With Threats Ahead Of Senate Runoffs

The church in a statement says, “individuals holding hate in their hearts for our Church are coming into our digital spaces and leaving disparaging and often blatantly racist comments, many of which, unfortunately, are directed at our Church’s Senior Pastor [Reverend Raphael Warnock].”

Faith Based Organizations Look To Develop Affordable Housing

Donald King, a retired architect, civil rights activist and board member of the Nehemiah Initiative, Black churches in the Central Area of Seattle own approximately $70 million in real estate and it is time for them to use these assets for the betterment of the community by developing affordable housing on these properties.

Black Church PAC Urges HBCUs Not To Force Students To Participate In COVID-19 Trials

The Black Church PAC has urged the presidents of Dillard University and Xavier University of Louisiana, both historically Black colleges, to refrain from offering their students up as guinea pigs for controversial and untested coronavirus vaccine trials.




Podcast: Spring Institute on Children, Race, and Racism

Rhythm & News interview with Dwane Chappelle, director of the City of Seattle's Department of Education & Early Learning, and Sonja Griffin, DEEL’s Manager of Quality Practice & Professional Development, about their upcoming conference on Elevating the Brilliance of Black Boys.

Podcast: Joey Thomas On The Will To Succeed

Rhythm & News interview with former Garfield High School football coach and NFL football player Joey Thomas about overcoming adversity and the will to succeed as an athlete and in life.

Podcast: Alena Larie

Rhythm & News interview with Seattle-based recording artist Alena Larie about her career, new genre and new music.

Podcast: Alaska Airlines – UNCF Partnership

Rhythm & News interview with Linda Thompson-Black, Area Development Director for UNCF Northwest/Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho, about their partnership with Alaska Airlines and the unveiling of Alaska's UNCF inspired aircraft.

Podcast: When Your Love Ones Go Missing

Rhythm & News with Senior NNPA National Correspondent Stacy Brown about the disproportionate number of Black and Brown children that go missing each year, and helpful tips on being proactive about locating loved ones who are missing.


MediaCo Appoints New Executive Team To Lead Strategic Realignment And Innovation

“Rahsan-Rahsan [Lindsay] is a talented and dedicated leader with the right strategic vision, relentless drive, and passion for media required to lead the MediaCo team at this critical time. He forged his career at the intersection of technology and media, and his vast experience and keen perspective will be invaluable in taking the company into the future,” said MediaCo Board Director Laura Lee.

Black Business Registrations Increase During COVID Pandemic

Andre Perry, a Brookings Institution fellow, told the Times that some of the surge in Black business registrations could be a signal of personal economic trouble. “This is more about survival than it is about wealth creation. There’s lots of people who have lost their jobs and lost their businesses. People are starting to realize that side hustles are businesses,” Perry said.

Corporate America Promised To Get More Diverse. It’s Still Mostly White Women Making Gains.

"While we applaud the progress that businesses have made in increasing board diversity, we need to ensure representation is holistic and inclusive for all -- not just for one segment of an underrepresented population," said Linda Akutagawa, chair for the Alliance for Board Diversity.

Black Future Co-op Fund Grants $1 Million To Local, Black-led Organizations

“Black-led organizations are an integral part of the fabric of Washington state,” says Fund architect and Byrd Barr Place CEO Andrea Caupain Sanderson. “With these grants, the Black Future Co-op Fund is saying ‘we see you,’ and acknowledging the critical work these organizations do every day on behalf of Black Washingtonians.”

Microsoft Expands Partnership With The Universal Hip Hop Museum

“Preserving the history of Hip Hop, celebrating the cultural contributions of the pioneers who paved the way for today’s Hip Hop generation to thrive and flourish, and promoting the positive economic and social aspects of Hip Hop have been the sole focus of the UHHM for the past decade,” said Universal Hip Hop Museum Executive Director, Rocky Bucano.


White House To Focus On New Vaccination Milestones As U.S. Is Expected To Miss July 4 Goal

"We've made tremendous progress in our vaccination efforts to date, and the ultimate goal has been to get America back to normal, as you said, and we're looking forward to doing that even here at the White House," press secretary Jen Psaki said this week.

American Medical Association Adopts New Policy to Increase Diversity in Physician Workforce

Furthering the American Medical Association’s (AMA) commitment to racial justice and equity within the medical profession and society as a whole, and building on the recent release of its strategic plan to embed racial justice and advance health equity, the AMA adopted policy during the Special Meeting of its House of Delegates this week aimed at improving the diversity of the physician workforce.

Constantine: King County Mask Directive To End June 29

"People across King County have shown what's possible when we work together to keep one another healthy. Now let's finish the task, ensuring that every person in King County can get vaccinated as soon as possible, and defeat this pandemic."

CDC Director Urges Parents To Get Their Teens Vaccinated

“I ask parents, relatives, and close friends to join me and talk with teens about the importance of these prevention strategies and to encourage them to get vaccinated,” Dr. Walensky exclaimed.

Why Face-To-Face Gatherings Still Matter

As it turns out, there are real benefits to meeting face-to-face, according to the study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Real-life familiarization stimulates the brain differently and yields stronger and faster connections, the study reports.

Empowerment Series

Using Life Insurance To Build Generational Wealth

For me, having a life-insurance policy is not an option – it’s a necessity. It ensures your final arrangements are covered and creates a financial asset, a tax-free instrument to transfer generational wealth.

2020: Education Exposed

Like most things, education's socioeconomic effects have had its most significant impact on the neediest people. No sector of our society has felt a greater impact than parents, especially low-income impoverished single-parent households, and homes with special educational needs.

Letter from NAACP Seattle-King County Education Chair, Josette Wicker

Though the excitement of back-to-school activities remains, with K – 12 classes in Seattle starting last Friday, September 4th, many districts in King County are still not prepared to support our students as they return to school. This comes from the lack of accessibility in a multitude of ways.

A Pandemic Of Vanishing Black Wealth

It should come as no surprise that a recession only exacerbates the already vicious patterns of low wealth for Black families. Yet, in an unprecedented twist of fate, never before seen in history, while we are still reeling from the economic losses of last decade’s Great Recession…here we go AGAIN!

Ink Barrel

When A Five-Year-Old Cares More About Fighting Covid Than You Do

It’s time for people to stop with all the rhetoric about government-imposed restrictions that are in the best interest of public safety. You can make all of the excuses that you want, but the fact remains that you are helping prolong this battle against COVID. Take a look at the kids in your family, put yourself in their shoes, and ask yourself what would you like to see adults do in order to win the battle against COVID sooner rather than later.

Black Women Are Taking Over The Political Landscape

We have a lot of very bright and talented individuals in our community, many of whom are reluctant to run for political office for many reasons. But now, as we see more and more people placing their names on the ballot and having success, we are seeing an unprecedented interest in Black people, particularly Black women, who are answering the call to public service in order to place our issues on the table and set the framework for a brighter future for everyone.

SPS School Board Director Leslie Harris Has Some Explaining To Do

The reason that Harris gave for not supporting the settlement was because she did not agree with a stipulation in the settlement that precluded both sides from commenting on the case or the settlement. One has to wonder what being able to comment on the settlement or the case has to do with whether or not you vote to approve the settlement.

Let’s Talk About The Vaccine

While the decision on whether or not to get vaccinated is a personal decision, it must be noted that people need to make an educated decision and not a rash decision one way or another. The fact is that we are still far away from a point where COVID-19 is a thing of the past, and we all, whether we are vaccinated or not, must continue to take the necessary precautions – social distancing, properly wearing face masks, not hosting large indoor gatherings, and washing your hands – if we hope to see the other side of this pandemic.

Don’t Let A “Chin-masker” Influence Your Decisions About COVID

Now is not the time to decide whether or not you are going to take the vaccine based on what you heard from the philosophers and/or local conspiracy theorist commonly found holding center court at your local barbershop, beauty salon or convenience store.


2022 Acura MDX

The fourth generation MDX had a new face; the grille and hood had been changed. The stance was wider by 1.4 inches and the wheelbase was 2.8 inches longer. What’s more, the dash to axle ratio had been extended by 4 inches.

2022 Hyundai Tucson

Combined with the electric motor and battery pack, the hybrid system made 226 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. What is particularly interesting is that rather than use a continuously variable transmission, the hybrid 2022 Tucson and the plug-in hybrid used a six-speed automatic transmission.

2021 Lexus LS 500

Lexus’ flagship sedan was powered by a 3.5-liter dual turbocharged six-cylinder that made 416 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque at 1,600 rpm. What that means is that even though the car weighed three tons, it moved like a midsize sedan.

2021 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road

You don’t often think of the Toyota RAV4 as an off road vehicle. But for the second year in a row the TRD version of this crossover has been named Compact SUV of Texas.

2021 Cadillac XT4 AWD Sport

The 2021 Cadillac XT4 has all the creature comforts you would expect: satellite radio, heated power folding mirrors, Bluetooth, wireless streaming, forward collision warning, navigation, park assist, Wi-Fi, voice controls and adaptive cruise control.