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A Brief History Of The Shoes And Moments That Defined Sneaker Culture

Sneakers are a cultural phenomenon. Stacker took a deep dive into the storied histories of some of these game-changing shoes

Adidas Decides What To Do With Unsold Yeezy Merchandise

Under pressure from Investors, Adidas has determined what to do with Kanye West's merchandise since terminating their partnership.

Beverly Anderson Appointment As CEO Of BECU Highlights The Growing Role Of Black Women In Business

everly Anderson, a seasoned financial services executive with a long-standing track record of successfully executing innovative strategies and a commitment to supporting short- and long-term business goals, recently took over as President and CEO of BECU, the nation’s largest community credit union.

Chuck D’s New Culture Media App Brings the Noise For Users

The new app dropped this month and is about “less of what they want where you can create more of what you want,” Chuck declared.

Consumer Rage Reaches All-Time High And Businesses Feeling It In Bottom Line

The survey found that businesses risk losing $887 billion in future sales because they handle customer complaints poorly.

Black Women Take Over The Metaverse

Mary Spio, founder and chief visionary and product architect of CEEK Virtual Reality, and Bianca Jackson, owner and creative experience officer of BrickRose Exchange, are working to expand opportunities in tech.

Amazon To Lay Off 9,000 More Workers

Amazon is cutting 9,000 more jobs, CEO Andy Jassy announced Monday in a memo to staff. The latest cuts come after the company announced earlier this year that it was eliminating some 18,000 positions as part of a major cost-cutting bid.

Adidas Has Received Over 500 Offers For Massive Unsold Yeezy Merchandise

Adidas has received hundreds of offers for the mountain of unsold Yeezy shoes designed by Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West.

Meta Backs New Platform To Prevent Sextortion Of Teens On Facebook And Instagram

Meta is taking steps to crack down on the spread of intimate images of teenagers on Facebook and Instagram.

The Power Of The Black Dollar Is Still Strong

Shopping Black-owned isn’t a trend. It’s a way of life that promotes wealth-building and community sustainability.

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