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Jobs Projected To Grow The Most In Nursing—And How That Compares To Other Health Care Roles

The prevalence of chronic illness is increasing, driving the frequency of medical procedures and the need for qualified medical professionals to perform them. Now, the job growth in nursing is expected to outpace most other areas of health care.

Cardiovascular Disease A Danger To Older Black And Hispanic Adults

Cardiovascular disease is poised to become more prevalent in the years ahead, disproportionately affecting Black and Hispanic communities and exacting an enormous toll on the health and quality of life of older Americans.

Experts Discuss Implications Of Abortion Restriction On Women’s Health

The Bloomberg School of Public Health detailed the stark implications of the historic June 2022 Supreme Court abortion ruling.

Black Beekeepers Are Reclaiming Their Relationship With The Land

The relationship between Black folk and the outdoors is often associated with enslavement. Black beekeepers are trying to change that.

The Fight Against HIV: Progress Made, But Racial Equity Still Out of Reach

New data from the CDC reveals that infections slowed over the last few years, but barriers limited progress in the Black community.

Meet The Doctor Turning Health Struggles Into Sweet Success

Tabatha Carr, owner of Good Girl Chocolate, went from facing a health crisis to launching a business that puts sweet treats in Whole Foods.

Why Black Folks Will Probably Feel The Heat Most This Summer

Black fokks tend to live in urban "heat islands", and the next five years are set to be the warmest ever. Turning on the AC can’t fix this.

8 Tips For Healthy Grilling

As soon as it is warm enough for shorts and sandals, many of us start firing up the grill. Here are 8 tips to make the summer time tradition healthier.

What Rising Rates Of Depression Mean For Black People

A new Gallup poll found that Black adults are being diagnosed with depression twice as much as white adults. Historically, it’s been the opposite.

25 Books That Humanize The HIV/Aids Experience

While the harrowing mortality statistics are an irrefutable part of the crisis, it leaves out the human aspect, erasing the very real impact on relationships, families, and communities.

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