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The War On Cancer At 50: The Origin Story Begins With A Socialite Citizen-Lobbyist

A crucial moment in this evolution was the president’s signing of the National Cancer Act into law 50 years ago, on Dec. 23, 1971.

Why Should I Get Vaccinated If People Who Have Been Vaccinated Are Getting COVID

As health officials work to keep the public informed, many people are struggling with the decision on whether or not to get vaccinated, the differences in how the virus might affect them and making sense of the contradictory information that is being conveyed by many means from one person to another.

What To Do If You Test Positive For COVID-19

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) is offering a detailed reminder about what people should do if they test positive for COVID-19.

What To Do When Those Around You Are Not Wearing Masks?

With holiday travel returning to pre-pandemic levels, a health expert is offering advice for those planning to visit loved ones for Christmas, given the surge in Covid-19 cases in many parts of the country.

Deep Roots Help This Chicago Pharmacist Avoid Creating Another Drugstore Desert

For nearly 60 years, the small drugstore has survived by building deep roots in the community, selling medicine, food and electronics in a neighborhood largely ignored by the large drugstore chains.

King County And Region Bracing For Increase In COVID Cases Due To Omicron

On December 4, the region discovered its first case due to omicron. Since then, eight more cases were found and these numbers are expected to rise.

NICU Bill Installment Plan: That’ll Be $45,843 A Month For 12 Months, Please

After baby Dorian Bennett arrived two months early and spent more than 50 days in the neonatal ICU, his parents received a bill of more than $550,000 — despite having insurance.

‘The Charges Seem Crazy’: Hospitals Impose A ‘Facility Fee’ — For A Video Visit

Hospital facility fees  have long come under criticism from patients and consumer advocates.

As Hospitals Fill Up, Paramedics Spend More Time Moving Patients, Less On Emergencies

Before the pandemic, all the ambulances would be simultaneously out on 911 calls or IFTs less than 10 times a year. Now, Malcolm said, it is happening with greater frequency.

Great Britain Reports First Omicron-Related Death

Health officials in the United Kingdom reported that infection rates due to the Omicron variant had doubled every two to three days. Reportedly, the variant accounts for 40 percent of all COVID cases in London.

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