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Tuesday, August 3, 2021



Stimulus Aid To Cities Presents An Opportunity To Fight Crime With Summer Jobs

A major component of my anti-crime agenda involved summer jobs for teenagers, which not only would give young people an alternative to criminal activity, but also provide income to families in need.

This Anthem Does Not Speak For Me

When I hear the words, “land of the free, home of the brave," I think, "land of the thief, home of the slave."

Expanded Child Tax Credit

Persistent poverty is a scourge on our nation. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the struggle those living in poverty face every day, and their plight was exacerbated by the economic impacts of the virus.

The Road To Economic Recovery Has Potholes – Pace Faster For Whites Than For Blacks

The pace of recovery, not unsurprisingly, has been more rapid for Whites than for African-Americans. The unemployment rate for Whites dropped from 10.1 percent a year ago to 5.2 percent last month, a reduction by almost half. In contrast, the Black unemployment rate was 15.3 percent in June of 2020, and it dropped to 9.2 percent last month – a less steep drop than the white rate.

Insurance Giant Prioritizing Profits Over Patients

One of the most recent acts of insurance company greed happened with UnitedHealthcare, the nation’s largest insurance provider. Just recently, the insurance giant announced it would no longer cover patients’ nonurgent visits to the emergency room retroactively. Yes, you read that correctly. An American insurance company is no longer going to cover American patients who incorrectly self-diagnose and seek emergency treatment.

The “Black RJ Policy Agenda” Will Turn Racism Upside Down

Black women, femmes, girls and gender-expansive individuals have been marginalized for far too long. We have been fighting for our survival while others stood by and watched — or worse, while they actively participated in our oppression for their own gain. No more!

Time For A New ‘Good Neighbor Policy’

Now more than ever, it is time for a new Good Neighbor Policy toward Latin America. Donald Trump had little interest in Latin America, other than labeling its refugees as terrorists, drug dealers and rapists. Latin America has been battered by the economic collapse accompanying the pandemic.

The Black Press: Vanguards Of Our History, Guardians Of Our Future

When mainstream media largely ignored the Black community, or positioned us in an unfavorable light, the Black press has been the lighthouse that has illuminated our paths. It is only reasonable then, that I honor not only Black journalists but the associations that have given them cover. The National Newspaper Publishers Association, the National Association of Black Journalists have supported the people – Black journalists and Black newspaper publishers – who have supported us.

It’s Official

We have been given a holiday to celebrate, but it must not distract us from the fact that little has changed in how brutally we can be treated and the work remaining to end that violence. The 2020 General Election has shown our evolving understanding that our present and future welfare depends upon the free exercise of our votes.

Say Their Names In The Streets And Online To Achieve Justice

The past year has been particularly challenging -- with the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others becoming indelibly etched into our collective memory and millions of people taking to the streets to protest these crimes against the Black community. As we prepare to celebrate Juneteenth, we must look back on all the events of the past year with clear eyes to examine both the tragedies and triumphs our community has witnessed.

Latest News

Athletes Reveal What Was Behind Decision To Share Olympic Gold

Italy's Gianmarco Tamberi and Qatar's Mutaz Essa Barshim decided to share the gold medal in the men's high jump in the Tokyo Olympic Games in an unprecedented move that prompted cheers around the world for their sportsmanship.

‘I Should Have Gotten The Damn Vaccine’

Jessica DuPreez talks with John Berman about her 39- year-old fiance who died from Covid-19. She discusses why they didn't get vaccinated, and how she thinks the shot could have saved the father of her kids.

Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ Named Best Music Video Of All Time By Rolling Stone

The publication wrote, "If Beyoncé's self-titled visual album established her as one of the greatest artists of all time, her surprise-released 'Formation' video (and ensuing album Lemonade) marked her as one of the most important."

2021 Genesis GV80

Since we are talking years of development and billions of dollars to make its luxury car lineup happen, we did not see a sport utility until the 2020 model year. But the GV80 has been worth the wait.

Black Philanthropy Month Is Black Freedom

Black philanthropy is rooted in West African culture and traditions of communal giving and sharing. These traditions traveled to the United States as part of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and the practice of helping each other was essential to our ancestors’ survival.