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Time Is Running Out To Protect The Right To Vote In 2022 And Beyond

The new Freedom to Vote Act would protect the right to vote, end unfair partisan gerrymandering, and shine a light on the flood of dark money that allows billionaires to buy our elections in secret.

Who Gets Flexibility?

Covid reminded us of our interdependence, of the many ways we must rely on each other. For many privileged workers, it has meant that the terms and conditions of their work can be reexamined.

Rebuild The Multi-Racial, Class-Based Coalition To Offset Today’s Voter Suppression

Over the past few decades, a typical college graduate may have seen modest economic gains, but it is the wealthy individuals who consistently receive the greatest increase in income.

American Business Leaders Step Up To Fight Inequities In The South

With COVID-19 still an omnipresent concern and the country’s recovery still very much in jeopardy, individuals, families, and communities – particularly communities of color throughout the South – are struggling to deal with issues that have only been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Afghanistan: After 20 Years, Thousands Dead And Trillions Spent

“Leaving Aug. 31 is not due to an arbitrary deadline. It was designed to save American lives. My predecessor, the former president, signed an agreement with the Taliban to remove U.S. troops by May 1, just months after I was inaugurated,” Biden further explained.

Waters Statement On 20th Anniversary Of September 11 Attacks

“Twenty years ago today, our nation suffered devastating terrorist attacks on our soil and against our people that wholly and completely changed the world as we knew it. On September 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives, thousands more were injured, and our entire nation continues to grieve the losses we’ve endured. There is no question that the events of September 11 had a profound impact on so many that still reverberates around the world.

Michael K. Williams’ Death Underscores Need For “Antiracist Public Health Approach”

Of the many tributes to gifted actor Michael K. Williams, who passed away Monday at the age of 54, the most enduring and consequential may be namesake legislation aimed at curbing mass incarceration in his home state of New York.

The New Multiracial America

The multiracial population, which was 9 million in 2010 and grew to 33.8 million by 2020, reflects two things. First, the rate of racial intermarriage has increased, leading to an increase of mixed-race children. Equally importantly, the number of people who are willing to self-identify as mixed race has grown. People who once hid their mixed-race identity or felt pressured to choose one identity or the other, now feel free to embrace the totality of their identity.

A Red Flag On The West Coast

Whoever gets the most votes in the overcrowded field, wins, and for weeks now the leader has been Larry Elder, an ultraconservative talk show host whose extreme positions embrace racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, COVID-denying, and anti-environment stances - among others.

Elijah McClain’s Death Shows Us That Public Pressure Can Never End

The law enforcement system failed. An independent panel obtained by the City Council determined that police officers who stopped McClain had no apparent reason to suspect a crime had been committed. It also determined that a subsequent internal police investigation was flawed.

Latest News

Are The Seahawks At The End Of An Era?

Adults in Seattle talk about if they feel like the Seahawks are at the end of an era.

O’Dea Outlasts Garfield In Battle Of Metro League Heavyweights

As the clock continued to dwindle down, and Bulldogs’ ran out of timeouts the Fighting Irish would send their seniors off right with a 21-14 win.

Teacher Put On Leave For Video Of Her Imitating Native American Dance

Video that appears to be taken by a student in Riverside, California shows a teacher imitating a Native American dance to teach trigonometry.

Wild Weekend Full Of Heavy Rain And Snow For The West

An atmospheric river is generating a wild weekend full of heavy rain and snow for much of the West.

‘I’m Still Scared To Do Gymnastics’

Biles, 24, who has won seven Olympic medals, including four golds, battled mental health issues and the unexpected loss of a family member during the Summer Games.