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Saturday, June 3, 2023

50 Shots Fired at Hip Hop Concert

Over 50 rounds were fired during a South Seattle Hip Hop concert. A concert at Washington Hall in South Seattle ended in gunfire on Sunday night, according to Seattle police and social media videos from the scene. Performing were rappers D.B. Boutabag and Capolow for their Road Trip Summer Tour. The tour was in Portland the night before. Officers found two people who sustained injuries during their escape from the scene. Seattle has been a good and safe destination for Hip Hop events.

In fact, Seattle will again be the location for the 2022 West Coast Hip Hop Awards event next month. That event has been featured in several west coast cities, including Seattle, over the last 16 years and has always been peaceful – bringing old school Hip Hop artists and a variety of Hop Hop heads and luminaries together. The violence that happened at this recent show will be tempered by the coming awards show dedicated to recognizing the impact that the West Coast have on Hip Hop. 

Phone cam witnesses provided information about the shooting incident. According to social media videos from the scene, multiple gunshots were heard inside the venue and fans were seen scrambling for the exits.

This all took place just before midnight on Sunday. Police responded to a report of multiple gunshots at Washington Hall, located at 153 14th Avenue in South Seattle. The cops arrived and found cases and bullet fragments in a parking lot. There we’re also multiple damaged vehicles and buildings along 14th Avenue, between East Fir Street and East Spruce Street.

According to police, there were two shooting scenes along 14th Avenue, with the first in front of Washington Hall. The second scene was at the corner of 12th Avenue South and East Yesler Way.

One fleeing car was nabbed by cops. A vehicle involved in a collision nearby was impounded by Seattle police after the driver and passengers fled the scene. Police believe the vehicle was involved in the shooting.

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