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Ask Gwendolyn Baines: My Roommate’s Boyfriend Wrecked My Car

Dear Gwendolyn:

Last year, I moved off-campus and took in a roommate.  After two months, my roommate moved in  her boyfriend without discussing it with me.  We had been friends since middle  school.  I had no idea she had  changed.  She drinks, does drugs,  and steals not only my clothes, but also steals from department stores.

I am up for a scholarship to graduate school in the  east.  One night while I was sick  in bed with the flu, my roommate’s boyfriend went out in my car.   He wrecked it and now I owe tons of money because he was not on my  insurance.

Gwendolyn, how can I make him pay the expenses  incurred?  I cannot afford an  attorney.



Dear Ruth:

Even if you could afford an attorney, you would only be  throwing away your  money.  Think about it.   Have him prosecuted.  You  also need to ask your roommate to leave.   This may mean for you to move back on campus.   You don’t want anything to jeopardize your scholarship.

I know when you go east to graduate school, you will need  your car.  But don’t worry about  it.  If the university has housing  for graduate students, live there.   Then, soon look for an apartment off-campus.   Living away from school is more of a graduate student’s lifestyle.  When seeking off-campus housing, get  within walking distance from school or take public transportation.

Ruth, your car incident is not the top issue.   Clear your house before you are involved in a drug bust.   And remember, Ruth, people do change and not always for the better.  That’s why when trying to become a  success, friends (and sometimes family) are few.  I know you have heard the statement,  “It’s lonely at the top.”  That is  not true.  There are people at the  top and they all have ambition, goals, and high character.   But if you don’t hurry and rid yourself from your roommate and her kind,  making it to the top — won’t be your concern.

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