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Horoscope August 8–14, 2013


Don’t let worry put a strain on your relationships. Concentration  is key, but be as light hearted as possible. Open up to  romantic feelings.  Let love come to you. It may come from inside. Soul Affirmation: Shining brightly is something that I can do even in  shadows.


The time has come to forgive and forget. Take the first step  in reconciling a friendship. You thought no one knew, but you may  be romantically attracted to an old pal. Soul Affirmation: Helping others is the true measure of my worth.


When you let go of pain and fear you are a force to be reckoned with.  Use your talents for regeneration to create a new reality for yourself, one  that is filled with joy and happiness.  Turn away from inner thoughts  that are anything less than positive. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy living in my dream.


Treat yourself with kindness, and let love be your guiding light. The  past few weeks have been rather hard on your personality, but you’ve come  through a troubled time with flying colors. Soul Affirmation: I am what I consistently do.


Critical voices should be tuned out this week. You are in the mood for  a pleasant week and you shouldn’t let anyone keep you from your just  rewards. Relax with friends who you can share positive vibes with. Soul Affirmation: I get because I give.


Unexpected company may arrive, or an invitation may be extended.  Use good judgment and set realistic boundaries  to protect your  valuable personal time. Drive carefully. Soul Affirmation: I make the first step and the universe will come to my  aid.


Your rewards come not only from what you do, but from who you are!  Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back and work some wonders. You  are full of positive energy this week; use it to your advantage. Soul Affirmation: I care deeply about the feelings of others.


Practical matters may seem like nuisances that are only there to spite  your sunny mood this week.  The vibration has its place though, and if  you apply yourself to practical things, you’ll have a lot accomplished by  the end of the week. Avoid spinning your wheels on impossible projects or  relationships. Soul Affirmation: Distant love is sometimes sweeter.


Excellent vibrations accompany you to meetings and appointments or  anywhere where your gifts of communication can be used. You’ll have  managers eating out of your hand if you choose to exercise a little  charm. Soul Affirmation: I call on my creative talents to pay my bills. Lucky


Charming, simply charming! You have everything going for you this week, so  make the most of it. You are capable of handling many projects, and  equally capable of asking for help if you need it. Soul Affirmation:  My imagination is the source of my happiness.


If you acknowledge your need to be with someone this afternoon, the  universe will probably provide. Ask for help if you need it. There are many  resources available to you that you could be drawing from. All you have to  do is ask. Soul Affirmation: I accept fate and see good in it.


Watching the sunrise will help quell any impatience that may arise  within you this week. As you watch the sun kiss the sky, imagine that the  universe is embracing you with love. Soul Affirmation: I judge no one, especially myself this week.

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