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Martin Luther King III Speaks At University Of Washington As Part Of Northwest African American Museum’s MLK60 Commemoration

When Martin Luther King III, the eldest son of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., took to the stage to deliver his keynote speech at the UW on Monday, he assured the audience he would try to keep things short but that he also grew up in a family of Baptist preachers and might accidently deliver a sermon.

Senate Republicans Again Shoot Down John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

Pouring salt on wounded Democrats, Senate Republicans last Wednesday again blocked the latest efforts to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

DNC: Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Will Revitalize Black Communities Across America

“For years, Black Americans heard talk but didn’t see any action from Trump and Republicans who were unable to address critical community problems like lead leaching pipes, crumbling roads and bridges, and flooding streets.

Record $1.7 Trillion Student Debt Drowns HBCU Borrowers

As the cost of a college education continues to rise, an estimated 45 million consumers collectively owe a record $1.7 trillion dollars in student debt, according to the Federal Reserve, -- a $905 billion increase in just the past decade.

Howard University President Responds to Complaints in Address to Students, Alumni and Parents

Student protestors took over the university’s Armour J. Blackburn Center, the university’s social hub, in mid-October to complain about the lack of student housing and the poor condition of existing housing, including accusations of buildings with mold and rats.

Report: Black Motorists Often Target Of Police-Related Death And Aggression

“Relative to the population, Black motorists were over represented among those killed,” the researchers reported.

Good News For Who? Unemployment Going Down For Everybody But Black Folks

Job growth exceeded expectations, adding nearly 100,000 jobs from last month (bls.gov). Wages increased. But Black folks didn’t get the same gains that others did.

Mayor Durkan’s Hiring Bonus for 911 Dispatchers Generates 10x Increase In Applications

Within five days of declaring the new hiring incentive, the CSCC has seen a 10-fold increase in the number of applicants and inquiries for 911 dispatcher positions.

CDC To Hold Virtual Recruitment Event For Students From Historically Black Colleges And Universities

The event, Noted: Building on the Legacy of HCBUs in Public Health, will give students the opportunity to engage with HBCU alumni leaders at CDC and learn more about the agency’s fellowship and training programs.

Democrats Failure At The Federal Level Causes Catastrophic Losses In Virginia, Elsewhere

In a state that President Joe Biden won by ten percentage points one year ago, the incumbent Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe not only lost to Republican Glenn Youngkin, but the race proved close to a landslide.

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