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Corporate America Promised To Get More Diverse. It’s Still Mostly White Women Making Gains.

"While we applaud the progress that businesses have made in increasing board diversity, we need to ensure representation is holistic and inclusive for all -- not just for one segment of an underrepresented population," said Linda Akutagawa, chair for the Alliance for Board Diversity.

Black Future Co-op Fund Grants $1 Million To Local, Black-led Organizations

“Black-led organizations are an integral part of the fabric of Washington state,” says Fund architect and Byrd Barr Place CEO Andrea Caupain Sanderson. “With these grants, the Black Future Co-op Fund is saying ‘we see you,’ and acknowledging the critical work these organizations do every day on behalf of Black Washingtonians.”

Microsoft Expands Partnership With The Universal Hip Hop Museum

“Preserving the history of Hip Hop, celebrating the cultural contributions of the pioneers who paved the way for today’s Hip Hop generation to thrive and flourish, and promoting the positive economic and social aspects of Hip Hop have been the sole focus of the UHHM for the past decade,” said Universal Hip Hop Museum Executive Director, Rocky Bucano.

Kroger CEO: Why Every Company Should Incentivize Employees To Get Vaccinated

We will see an increase in full vaccinations and a steady decrease in Covid-19 cases if we create widespread trust in the vaccine. Most importantly, we'll all be able to socialize and be safely together much sooner, not only in our grocery stores, but also in our restaurants, churches, small businesses, stadiums and homes. This is where businesses come in.

U.S. Labor Shortage Working Against Biden’s Economic Goals

A labor shortage is one of the persistent headwinds facing President Joe Biden as he builds support for his economic agenda to invest trillions of dollars in new federal spending to move the country from relief to recovery.

Local Partnership Promotes Diversity, Equity And Employment Of People With Conviction Histories

Studies indicate that by 2030, 100 million – one in three working-age adults – will have been convicted of a crime. The data show that these Americans are more likely to be people of color, and yet numerous policies and practices, including mandatory background checks, consistently deny employment opportunities to individuals with conviction histories even after they have been offered a job.

Biden: Unemployment Benefits Aren’t The Problem

The jobless benefits Congress bolstered at the start of the pandemic have been extended until September. Now, though, people are getting vaccinated and employers want their laid-off employees to come back. That should be a recipe for success. Yet the pace of job growth came in at a disappointing 266,000 in April, far less than analysts expected.

Consumer Groundswell Calls For End To Bank-Supported Predatory Loans

“During an unprecedented economic downturn, brought on and exacerbated by Covid-19, the OCC seeks to expand the availability of exploitative loans that trap borrowers in a never-ending cycle of debt,” wrote the attorneys general.

How Businesses Can Heed Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Call To Support Black Banks

Despite all the gains of the Civil Rights Movement, Black entrepreneurs still struggle to keep their small businesses open and Black families fight to keep their homes at rates far higher than the national average. The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic compounded these challenges. As a result of the pandemic, the number of Black business owners declined by over 40%, compared to just 17% for white owners, and the share of Black homeowners in forbearance is higher than the overall rate.

Keith A. Perry Named The New Executive Director Of The National Dental Association

“We’re very excited to have him aboard, said NDA Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher, D.D.S.” “Keith is a talented, nationally recognized association executive with over 30 years of highly relevant leadership experience in the political, governmental, nonprofit and association sectors.”

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From Tragedy To Triumph: A Way Forward Toward A Haitian Government Of National Inclusion And Unity

Tragedy and triumph is a recurring theme in the history of Haiti, the world’s first Black Republic.

Businesses Are Taking A Stand On Vaccines

As the Delta variant surges around the country, Corporate America is taking a stand on vaccinations. Johnny Taylor, president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management, explains the conditions employees will face if they aren't vaccinated against Covid-19.

‘It’s Like We Don’t Matter’

The European Union pledged to curb carbon emissions -- but a loophole in the directive leaves companies to pollute Black communities and devastate ecosystems in the American South.

What’s Different About The Delta Variant? Here’s What’s Known

The Delta variant, originally known as B.1.617.2, has been around since late last year but in recent months it has become speedily dominant in many countries. It accounts for more than 80% of newly diagnosed cases in the U.S., according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mayor Durkan Proposes Comprehensive Budget Plan To Address SPD Hiring, Reduce Gun Violence, And Invest In Alternatives

Following Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s and Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz recent announcements on gun violence and alternatives to policing, Mayor Durkan is transmitting an ordinance to City Council that allows SPD and other city departments to move forward a series of broadly supported initiatives to comprehensively address the public safety challenges facing our community.