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Wages Are Going Up. Here’s What That Means For The Economy.

"While overall wage growth remains moderate, wages in lower-paid sectors have risen quickly in recent months amidst widespread reports of worker shortages," strategists at Goldman Sachs told clients this week.

Inflation Will Hurt Low-Income Americans For Years To Come

As consumer prices rise for food, energy, housing and a number of other goods and services, Americans are feeling the pinch. But lower-income families and retirees on fixed incomes will especially feel their buying power erode -- not just in the short-term, but for many years to come, further widening the nation's wealth gap.

Don’t Be Fooled By America’s Strong Jobs Numbers. The Recovery Is Far From Over.

Even though the US job market is rapidly improving, the economy is still far from back-to-normal. Employers are expected to have added 700,000 jobs in June. Even if that holds true, the nation will still be down 6.9 million jobs compared with February 2020.

Credit Card Giant Says No One Should Work From The Office Five Days A Week

"This is Synchrony's new way of working going forward," a spokesperson for the company said in an email. "Prior to the pandemic, we believed certain jobs could only be done in a traditional office setting. We were wrong."

Malawian Millennial Takes On Powerful Plastics Lobby And Wins Global Prize

"It became very personal for me after interacting with farmers," she says. "Some of them are losing their livestock because once the animals get into the field, which is so heavily polluted with single-use plastic, they consume these plastics, which kill them, thereby affecting the livelihood of their owners.”

MediaCo Appoints New Executive Team To Lead Strategic Realignment And Innovation

“Rahsan-Rahsan [Lindsay] is a talented and dedicated leader with the right strategic vision, relentless drive, and passion for media required to lead the MediaCo team at this critical time. He forged his career at the intersection of technology and media, and his vast experience and keen perspective will be invaluable in taking the company into the future,” said MediaCo Board Director Laura Lee.

Black Business Registrations Increase During COVID Pandemic

Andre Perry, a Brookings Institution fellow, told the Times that some of the surge in Black business registrations could be a signal of personal economic trouble. “This is more about survival than it is about wealth creation. There’s lots of people who have lost their jobs and lost their businesses. People are starting to realize that side hustles are businesses,” Perry said.

Corporate America Promised To Get More Diverse. It’s Still Mostly White Women Making Gains.

"While we applaud the progress that businesses have made in increasing board diversity, we need to ensure representation is holistic and inclusive for all -- not just for one segment of an underrepresented population," said Linda Akutagawa, chair for the Alliance for Board Diversity.

Black Future Co-op Fund Grants $1 Million To Local, Black-led Organizations

“Black-led organizations are an integral part of the fabric of Washington state,” says Fund architect and Byrd Barr Place CEO Andrea Caupain Sanderson. “With these grants, the Black Future Co-op Fund is saying ‘we see you,’ and acknowledging the critical work these organizations do every day on behalf of Black Washingtonians.”

Microsoft Expands Partnership With The Universal Hip Hop Museum

“Preserving the history of Hip Hop, celebrating the cultural contributions of the pioneers who paved the way for today’s Hip Hop generation to thrive and flourish, and promoting the positive economic and social aspects of Hip Hop have been the sole focus of the UHHM for the past decade,” said Universal Hip Hop Museum Executive Director, Rocky Bucano.

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