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Measure To Establish Cannabis Safety Taskforce In King County Heads To Final Vote By County Council

In response to the recent slate of marijuana store robberies across the region, King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn’s legislation that would establish King County’s first Cannabis Safety Taskforce passed out of the Council’s Law, Justice, Health and Human Services (LJHHS) Committee on Tuesday, and now heads to the full council for a vote.

Constantine Appoints Patti Cole-Tindall As King County Sheriff

Today, King County Executive Dow Constantine announced his appointment of Patti Cole-Tindall to serve as King County Sheriff.

Decriminalization Measure For All Drugs Proposed In Washington State

Drug-reform advocates, doctors, and politicians initiated a ballot measure to remove the penalties for possessing drugs of any kind in the state of Washington.

Data Showing Record Low Use-of-Force By Seattle Police

In 2019 and 2021, Seattle Police Department (SPD) is reporting that it recorded a record low amount of annual use-of-force incidents. During the 2020 protests, following the murder of George Floyd by a former Minneapolis police officer, usage of less-lethal gear spiked. These numbers show that it is a record high in the city.

Suit Filed Against Seattle Police for Child Pepper Sprayed During Protest

A father filed a federal lawsuit for pepper-spraying of his son during the 2020 anti-racist Seattle protests. The lawsuit, initiated as a result of the protest action against the death of George Floyd killing by police, alleges assault and negligence caused by Seattle police officers. The suit said Mr. Avery and his son J.A. were joined at the rally by other family and church members.

Boeing ‘Probably Shouldn’t Have Taken’ Trump-Negotiated Air Force One Deal, CEO Says

Boeing's CEO on Wednesday called the unusual deal his predecessor negotiated with then-President Donald Trump for the next generation of Air Force One a one-off that he hopes not to repeat.

Dr. Yoshiko Harden Named President Of Renton Technical College

The Board of Trustees of Renton Technical College (RTC) has named Dr. Yoshiko Harden, a leader with broad experience in the state community and technical college system, as its next president.

Without Support Students Who Are Exposed To Traumatic Experiences Can Fall By The Wayside

Each day, our children enter their schools’ bringing pencils, paper and backpacks along with their individual perceptions of the world around them that are formed from experiences at home and in society. When children are exposed to traumatic experiences, they can enter a learning environment believing that the world is an unpredictable and unsafe place.

Dr. John H. Vassall Receives National Award From The American College Of Physicians

Dr. John H. Vassall II has been awarded the Steven E. Weinberger Award for Physician Executives/Leaders by the American College of Physicians (ACP).

Mt. Zion To Present Candidate For Senior Pastor To The Congregation This Weekend

ommittee of Mt. Zion Baptist Church will presentation of their choice for the Senior Pastor candidate to the congregation this Friday, April 29 at 6:00 p.m. During the presentation, which will be held via Zoom, the committee will present the candidate’s background, education, pastoral and community experience.

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