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The Conversation Is Much Different When COVID Is In Your Home

As a person trusted to arm the public with information, I’ve received a lot of calls from people over the years who contact me after the fact. People who are wishing they could roll back the hands of time and do things slightly different. After spending the better part of the year staying safe, now is not the time for people to let down their guards. Trust me you don’t want to spend the last few weeks of the year, or the beginning of the new year, in isolation or in a hospital bed.

Three Ways You Can Personally Sway Elections In Favor Of Your Candidate(s)

From both a national and local perspective, I’m very excited to see so many African Americans participating in early voting and others who are eagerly awaiting their ballots. While this is a very positive step for us as African Americans, I must note that this election is so critical to the plight of our community that it is imperative that all of us not only vote, but become voting advocates during this election. It is one thing to vote, its another thing to influence the outcome of an election by actively mobilizing people in your personal sphere of influence.

Chief Carmen Best – The Victim Of Racism In The Wake Of George Floyd

With the pending departure of Chief Best, the flag of diversity that Seattle tries to hoist so high above the rest of humanity is tattered with bullet holes and gashes from the unjust onslaught of hypocrisy levied against Chief Best by the City Council on what shall forever be known as “Bloody Monday” here in Seattle.

This Is Not The Type Of Fame That We Hope To Attain

Very few people outside of African Americans in this country truly knows what it feels like to be grateful for an opportunity to see another day, especially when it comes to acts of violence that are outside of their control.

Why Are You Still Ignoring The Census?

By Chris B. Bennett The Seattle Medium There is good news and there is bad news as it relates to the 2020 Census, which is currently...

The Crippling Effect Of The Coronavirus On The African American Business Community

By Chris B. Bennett Publisher/Editor This week I have talked to many African American business owners about the effect that COVID-19 has had on their business,...

The Coronavirus vs. Schools

UPDATE: On Weds. (Mar. 11) afternoon, Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Denise Juneau announced the closure of all schools in the district for a minimum...

The Seattle Medium At 50 – Still Pressing On For Our Community

By Chris B. Bennett Co-publisher/Editor This week marks the 50thAnniversary of the Northwest largest, most read, most widely circulated, and most influential African American newspaper –...

Emijah Smith Represents More Than A Missed Opportunity By The Seattle School Board

By Chris B. Bennett Co-publisher/Editor Two weeks ago, The Seattle School Board had a decision to make – who will be the next board member representing...

Black Male Administrators In Seattle Public Schools – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow!

By Chris B. Bennett The Seattle Medium Seattle admittedly has a problem with the academic achievement of African Americans, especially when it comes to African American...

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